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1.25Gbps BIDI Single Fiber LC SFP Optical Transceiver Single Mode 80Km DDM

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1.25Gbps BIDI Single Fiber LC SFP Optical Transceiver Single Mode 80Km DDM

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Product Details

FA-TCS12L45-80D, 1.25Gbps BIDI Single Fiber LC SFP Optical Transceiver Single Mode 80Km DDM


Server access and switches interconnection requires faster speed to meet increasing demand for bandwidth of streaming video, cloud computing and storage and application virtualization, optical transceiver not only plays an important role in modern data centers, and it is also importance in the next few years. What challenges will the data center application bring to the optical module? How does the fiber optic transceiver itself evolve to fit the data center in the future? The first challenge is the cost of optical transceiver.

There are thousands of devices running in big data centers. Suppose that in a data center there are one hundred thousand server devices that are connected to each other by highly redundant mesh networks, in other words, the number of optical links required to implement this huge connection is also one hundred thousand. Because both ends of each optical link needs optical transceiver. So, the number of optical modules is at least two times the number of optical links. In fact, if you use optical packet allocation, the number of fiber optic transceiver may be even more. There is no doubt that such a large number of optical module requirements will cost a lot, and the high cost is not conducive to the development of data centers. Therefore, it is imperative to develop low cost optical transceivers. How to reduce the cost of optical transceiver has become a big challenge for optical module suppliers.

To be honest, it is very difficult to reduce the cost if only minor improvements are made in the design and manufacturing methods of the optical transceiver. Since there is little effect in this respect, we can only relax the standard to achieve the purpose of reducing costs. For example, by reducing the maximum operating temperature, reducing operating temperature range, shortening the service life of the fiber optic transceiver and allowing the use of forward error correction technology to reduce costs. These measures allow suppliers to take a high level of optical integration to achieve low cost optical transceiver design, non hermetic package, non cooling operation and simplified testing.

Now the optical transceiver market is quite mature. Thanks to MSA Agreement (Multi-Source), end users have more choices when choosing suppliers, and they don't have to spend money to buy expensive products directly from system vendors.


Main Features Of LC SFP Transceiver


1, SFP package with simplex LC connector;

2, A end: 1490nm DFB Laser and 1550nm PIN photodetector;

3, B end: 1550nm DFB Laser and 1490nm PIN photodetector

4, Up to 80Km transmission on SMF

5, +3.3V single power supply

6, LVPECL compatible data input/output interface

7, Low EMI and excellent ESD protection

8, Laser safety: complies with IEC-60825 standard

9, Compatible with RoHS and SFF8472


Optical Characteristics:

(Ambient Operating Temperature 0°C to +70°C, Vcc =3.3 V)

Transmitter Section
Center WavelengthTx 1490lo148014901500nm
Tx 1550154015501560
Spectral Width(RMS)Tx 1490Dl--1nm
Tx 1550  1
Average Output PowerTx 1490Po0-5dBm
Tx 15500 5
Extinction RatioEr10-15dB
Rise/Fall Time(20%~80%)Tr/Tf  0.26ns
Total jitterTj  0.43UI
Optical Eye DiagramIEEE 802.3z and ANSI Fibre Channel Compatible
Receiver Section
Center WavelengthRx 1550lo150015501600nm
Rx 1490144014901540
Receiver SensitivityRsen  -24dBm
Receiver OverloadRov-3  dBm
Return Loss 12  dB
LOS AssertLOSA-36  dBm
LOS DessertLOSD  -24dBm
LOS Hysteresis 0.5 5 

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