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Class B+ GPON OLT SFP Module Single Mode Optical Transceiver Single Fiber SC 20KM

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Class B+ GPON OLT SFP Module Single Mode Optical Transceiver Single Fiber SC 20KM

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FA-TCSGPS13-20D , Class B+ GPON OLT SFP Module Single Mode Optical Transceiver Single Fiber LC 20KM


At present, there are more and more kinds of optical transceiver modules in all kinds of communication networks, and the requirements are higher and higher. In order to meet the growing demand of the system, the optical module is moving towards standardization, miniaturization and intelligentization.

Intelligent SFP optical transceiver, that is, SFP optical module with digital diagnosis function, is the landmark product of each manufacturer's technology upgrading. So the question is, how do you choose the SFP optical module? Is the stronger the compatibility of optical transceiver, the better the quality of optical modules?

In order to attract eyeballs, some suppliers use marketing strategy to close the famous brands, too much emphasis on strong compatibility of optical transceiver, such as compatible with HUAWEI, CISCO communications equipment and other major brands, even launched a perfect optical module called: multi functional + strong compatibility + high stability + low cost.

These gimmicks look perfect, but it's a big mistake, because actually it's a set of contradictions. More function means price is relatively high; strong compatibility means stability will be affected to some extent.

How to get balance between compatibility and good quality? Fiberall’s opinion is, stability and reliability is the most important of SFP digital optical module, its compatibility is only to minimize the cost of manufacturers and equipment manufacturers, but not the focus of the both parties. If the pursuit of compatibility is too much, it will inevitably occur abnormal temperature rise, signal loss, signal flicker and other issues in the use of SFP optical transceiver, and ultimately affect the normal use of end users, and even damage the interests and reputation of equipment manufacturers.


Main Parameters Of SFP Fiber Optic Transceiver


Part numberFA-TCSGPS13-20D
Data rate2.5G/1.25G
Fiber InterfaceSimplex SC/UPC
Compatible fiberSingle mode fiber 9/125um
Transmitting distanceUp to 20KM
Power supply+3.3V
Temperature0°C to +70°C


Main Characteristics Of GPON SFP Transceiver


1, SFP package with SC/UPC Connector;

2, 1490nm DFB laser transmitter and 1310nm burst-mode APD-TIA receiver

3, Single fiber bi-directional,downstream 2488Mbps/upstream1244Mbps application

4, Reset burst-mode receiver design support more than 15dB dynamic range

5, 0 to 70°C operating case temperature

6, Single 3.3V power supply

7, Digital Diagnostic SFF-8472 compliant

8, Digital burst RSSI function to monitor the input optical power level

9, LVPECL compatible data input/output interface

10, LVTTL TX DISABLE control

11, LVTTL TX FAULT signal

12, LVTTL receiver Signal Detect (SD) indication

13, Low EMI and excellent ESD protection

14, Class I laser safety standard IEC-60825 compliant

15, RoHS-6 compliance

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