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1.25Gbps WDM Simplex LC SFP Fiber Optic Transceiver Single Mode 80Km DDM

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1.25Gbps WDM Simplex LC SFP Fiber Optic Transceiver Single Mode 80Km DDM

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FA-TCS12L54-80D, 1.25Gbps WDM Simplex LC SFP Fiber Optic Transceiver Single Mode 80Km DDM


Optical transceivers are more and more widely used, so the stability and reliability of the fiber module itself has attracted more and more attention. Now original optical transceiver made by equipment manufacturers, compatible optical modules and used optical transceiver are popular on the market. Everyone knows that the original optical module is very expensive. While the second-hand fiber optical module price is very low, but the used fiber transceiver will generally appear packet loss and other issues when it is used up to half of a year. So now many customers consider compatible optical transceivers, but different manufacturers of compatible fiber optic transceiver will use different chip and production process, so the compatible fiber transceiver have advantages and disadvantages. How to choose compatible optical transceiver with good quality and reasonable price?

1, How about the after-sale of optical transceiver? The normal life of general optical module is 5 years, and basically most of optical transceiver is unable to identify it is good or bad in the first year, so generally in second years or third years you can see that the quality of the fiber optic transceiver is excellent or not. Fiberall's hot pluggable optical transceiver provides 3 year warranty commitment, if there is quality problems within 3 years, buyer can be applied to replace new optical transceiver.

2, How to distinguish second hand optical transceiver and new fiber module? Generally, second hand optical module may appear packet loss, optical power instability, light sensitivity decline, and many other problems when use up to half of a year. If there is a light power meter, the optical power of the fiber optic transceiver can be checked by the test equipment to see is it consistent with parameter of the data manual.

3, How about the compatibility between the optical transceiver and the device? Because some devices are from different manufacturers, so the compatibility between optical transceiver and equipment has become the concern of major customers. Before buying, you can communicate with dealers or manufacturers to confirm the compatibility. If it is a bulk order, or the situation cannot determine compatibility, Fiberall suggest buyers ask for samples to test, confirm compatibility first and then order.

4, How about the compatibility between fiber optical transceiver? The compatibility between these optical fiber transceivers also affects the quality of network. Optical modules are standard products, there are corresponding international standards, as long as the production of optical transceiver meets the corresponding international standards and passed FCC certification, generally there is no problem with the compatibility. Fiberall optical transceivers are produced strictly under the supervision of quality control system and passed FCC, CE and ROHS certifications.

5, Temperature adaptation? The temperature of optical transceiver itself is not high during uses, but it is used in the switch and computer room, if the temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the optical power, optical sensitivity and other parameters of the fiber optic transceiver. Especially in the industrial environment. Fiberall provides two temperature standards for commercial grade and industry grade. Please confirm which you need when you make an inquiry.


Main Parameters Of SFP Fiber Optic Transceiver


Part numberFA-TCS12L54-80D
Data rate1.25G
Fiber PortSimplex LC
Compatible fiberSingle mode fiber 9/125um
Transmitting distanceUp to 80KM
Power supply+3.3V
Temperature0°C to +70°C

Note: Fiberall also provide industrial grade with working temperature -40~85°C.

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