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G3768 / G368 Granite Exterior Wall Tiles , Granite Floor Tiles For Living Room

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G3768 / G368 Granite Exterior Wall Tiles , Granite Floor Tiles For Living Room

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Granite G3768 G368 Wulian Red polished flamed slab tile stair worktop monument


G368 /Wulian Red is a kind of grey/red granite quarried in Jietou town, Wulian, Shandong, China. It's kind of red granite with black and white spots on it which makes it beautiful.


Wulian Red--granite structure dense, hard texture, acid and alkali resistance, good weather, can be used outdoors for a long time. The characteristics of granite properties also include high load-bearing capacity, compressive ability and very good abrasive ductility, easy to cut, mold, can create a plate and so on, can be made of a variety of surface effects-polishing, matt, fine grinding, fire, water knife treatment and sandblasting.


Wulian Red resources are very concentrated, can be mined orebody distribution in the Degizi as the center of 8 km area, of which only the Kichiko Orebody occupies 70% of the reserves. Wulian Red Mine Wulian Red Mine recoverable reserves of 5 billion cubic meters, seam depth 1500m-1950m, economic exploitation depth 100M. Degizi orebody is a rare ore body in the world, with large platform, high integrity and good mechanical operation. Relative to the concentration of resources, 90% of Wulian red ore bodies have been incorporated into the southern capital after years of operation.


The type of color is usually devided into 3: big grain, middle grain and small grain. The granite is widely used for interior walling and flooring of hotel lobby and outside of walling of buildings, Generally used to do large-scale lettering number stone, ground, stairs, base, tread, eaves and other places, more for indoor and outdoor wall, floor, cylindrical decoration and so on. Wulian Red has a beautiful color texture, at the same time the reserves are very rich, is a few can continue to supply a large number of decorative granite. The main application direction of the five Lotus is indoor surface paving, floor wall dry hanging, shaped stone pieces. Different from the five Lotus to fire plate-based, as a good decorative stone, Wulian red to polishing board application-oriented. In a wide variety of competitive granite market, Wulian Red has been the best-selling varieties of inexpensive. Not only stable in the domestic market mainstream selection, export Korea and Japan, Europe and America, best-selling global.


MaterialGranite G3768 Wulian Red
FinishPolished, honed, flamed, bush hammered, brushed, sand blasted, water jet, chiseled, split, tumbled, pineappled.
Size600x600x10mm, 600x300x10mm, 600x600x20mm, 600x600x30mm, … 2400upx700upx20/30mm, 2800upx1800upx20/30mm.
Package(Fumigated) wooden crate, pallet, bundle, etc.
Loading portQingdao
UsageTile, slab, skirting, window sill, stair, block step, kitchen countertop, vanity, column, kerbstone, pavings, cube, mosaics, border, sculpture, tombstone and monument.
AdvantagesIndustrial experience of over 12 years ensures our clients to get satified products with fruitful profit.
Professional QC system ensures qualified products before shipping.
Good partner relationship with carriers and forwarders makes our logistics efficient and cost-saved.



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