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Kerbstone Polished Granite Tiles G363 G3763 Red Color For Flooring / Paving

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Kerbstone Polished Granite Tiles G363 G3763 Red Color For Flooring / Paving

Country/Region china
City & Province xiamen fujian
Categories Curbstones

Product Details

Granite G363 G3763 Haiyang Red Pomegranate Red polished flamed slab tile stair kerbstone Chinese cheap stone


G363/pomegranate Red is named for its seductive red color, like a pomegranate seed that rose in June. In particular, after waxing more beautiful stone on the red texture is not square objects.


It is one of the most famous granite stone species in the world, it can be used as the material of large-sized engraving stone, plate, floor, countertop, carving, engineering exterior wall panel, interior wall panels, flooring, square engineering Board, environmental Decoration Road along stone and other buildings and garden stone materials.The main types are quartz sandstone, feldspar sandstone and rock cuttings sandstone.

But this natural beautiful stone is like a delicate girl needs careful care in order to maintain its "beauty."
It is a good use of decorative stone, it has a high load-bearing capacity, anti-pressure ability and very good grinding ductility, cutting and processing easy, can be molded strong, can create a thin plate, etc., but also according to the actual use of customers need to make a variety of surface effects, such as: polishing, Matt, fine grinding, fire, water knife treatment and Pomegranate Red---Pomegranate red structure dense, hard texture, acid and alkali resistance, good weather, can be used outdoors for a long time. The characteristics of granite properties also include high load-bearing capacity, compressive ability and very good abrasive ductility, easy to cut, mold, can create a plate and so on, can be made of a variety of surface effects-polishing, matt, fine grinding, fire, water knife treatment and sandblasting.

Generally used for the ground, stairs, base, tread, eaves, etc., more for indoor and outdoor wall, floor, cylindrical decoration and so on. Pomegranate Red Product Details-Haiyang garnet red stone is a specialty stone of Haiyang, the main production of Haiyang Red granite products. Haiyang Red light Plate is a series of products, mainly applicable to interior decoration, external wall dry hanging, but also according to customer requirements processing various types of special-shaped stone, special type stone. Haiyang Red plate color beautiful beautiful, strong stone, deeply favored by domestic and foreign merchants.



MaterialGranite G363/Pomegranate Red
FinishPolished, honed, flamed, bush hammered, brushed, sand blasted, water jet, chiseled, split, tumbled, pineappled.
Size600x600x10mm, 600x300x10mm, 600x600x20mm, 600x600x30mm, … 2400upx700upx20/30mm, 2800upx1800upx20/30mm.
Package(Fumigated) wooden crate, pallet, bundle, etc.
Loading portQingdao
UsageTile, slab, skirting, window sill, stair, block step, kitchen countertop, vanity, column, kerbstone, pavings, cube, mosaics, border, sculpture, tombstone and monument.
AdvantagesIndustrial experience of over 12 years ensures our clients to get satified products with fruitful profit.
Professional QC system ensures qualified products before shipping.
Good partner relationship with carriers and forwarders makes our logistics efficient and cost-saved.


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