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60 X 60cm Polished Granite Tiles G687 Peach Red Big Slab CE Certification

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60 X 60cm Polished Granite Tiles G687 Peach Red Big Slab CE Certification

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Granite G687 Peach Red big slab tile stair step polished flamed bushhammered 60x60cm​


G687 granite, also known as Peach Red, the old national stone number is G687. The new national Natural Stone uniform number is G3567, the main production in Fujian province Gutian County town. Storage capacity up to more than 80 million cubic meters.


G687 is one of the most famous granite stone species in the world and can be used as a material for sheet, floor, countertop, sculpture, various buildings and garden stone. G687 also has several types of stone, but there are two main types, one of which is the hue in the picture.

Another hue is more pink, look at the past is more eye-pleasing, that is more beautiful. Compared to other stone, Luoyuan red is more easily broken. When you look at the finished plate, you often see a broken plate. This is to be looked at carefully.


Peach Red is widely used for exterior project, like flooring, walling, paving, and interior use in stairs. It's one of the most popular granite in North Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe area. And the most seling products are tiles 60x60x2cm and stairs.


Quality identification


View, that is, the naked eye to observe the surface structure of Mongolian black stone. In general, the uniform fine material structure of the stone with a delicate texture, for the stone, coarse and unequal structure of the stone's appearance effect is poor. In addition, stone due to the impact of geological action often in which some small cracks, stone most easily along these parts rupture, should pay attention to culling.

As for the lack of edges and the impact of aesthetics, the choice should pay particular attention. Two quantities, that is, the size of the amount of stone specifications, so as not to affect splicing, or caused by the stitching pattern, pattern, line deformation, affect the decorative effect.(For this, Mongolian black stone generally does not have the problem of color difference) Three listening, that is, listen to the stone percussion sound.

In general, the quality of the stone its percussion sound crisp and pleasant, on the contrary, if there is a slight crack inside the stone or because of weathering caused the contact between the particles loose, the percussion sound gruff. Four test, that is, with a simple test method to test the quality of stone. Usually on the back of the stone on a small piece of ink, such as ink quickly dispersed around the leaching, that is, the stone inside the particles loose or there is a gap, stone quality is not good; Conversely, if the ink droplets in situ do not move, then the stone texture is good.


MaterialG687 / Peach Red
FinishPolished, honed, flamed, bush hammered, brushed, sand blasted, water jet, chiseled, split, tumbled.
Size600x600x10mm, 600x300x10mm, 600x600x20mm, 600x600x30mm … 
Package(Fumigated) wooden crate, pallet, bundle, etc.
Loading portTianjin
UsageTile, slab, skirting, window sill, stair, block step, kitchen countertop, vanity, column, kerbstone, pavings, cube, mosaics, border, sculpture, tombstone and monument.
AdvantagesIndustrial experience of over 12 years ensures our clients to get satified products with fruitful profit.
We have professional QC system ensures qualified products before shipping.
Good partner relationship with carriers and forwarders makes our logistics efficient and cost-saved.





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