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Interior Walling / Flooring Granite Slabs For Kitchen Countertops High Durability

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Interior Walling / Flooring Granite Slabs For Kitchen Countertops High Durability

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Granite G361 Wulian Grey polished flamed slab tile stair table top

G361 /Wulian Grey is a kind of grey granite quarried in Shandong, China. The granite is widely used for Exterior - interior walling and flooring, monuments, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills, etc and other kinds of designs. Due very unique color consistency, high steady charater and cheap cost, it has been widely accepted and used for projects among the world. It can be fabricated as big as 300cm up x180cm up in size. Our best selling products for this material is slab, tile, stair, kerbstone, and pavings.


Wulian Gray Granite is one of the most famous granite stone species in the world, it can be used as the material of large-sized engraving stone, plate, floor, countertop, carving, engineering exterior wall panel, interior wall panels, flooring, square engineering Board, environmental Decoration Road along stone and other buildings and garden stone materials.The main types are quartz sandstone, feldspar sandstone and rock cuttings sandstone.

Quartz Sandstone


Quartz and silica cuttings accounted for more than 95% of sand-grade debris, containing only a small amount or no feldspar, cuttings and heavy minerals. The clastic particles are often dominated by single crystal quartz, and the roundness and separation are better, and the maturity of components and the maturity of the structure are the highest. Less complex base, granular support. When the complex base >15%, it is called quartz Miscellaneous sandstone. Quartz sandstone is mainly formed in a stable tectonic environment, the topography quasi-plain, the mother rock through long-term weathering, denudation products are mostly in the ocean (such as beach) environment, by the wave and the flow of strong winnow selection and repeated abrasion slowly deposition formed. It is often associated with carbonate deposition, which is composed of quartz sandstone-made marine carbonate, such as the Upper Cambrian system in the northern part of North China.


Feldspar Sandstone


Feldspar debris content accounted for more than 25% of the total sand grade debris. The quartz content of which is 75%, which can contain more mica and heavy minerals. The cementation is mainly calcium and iron, often containing clay complex. When the >15% is mixed, it belongs to the feldspar complex sandstone. The clastic particles are generally divided and are of medium roundness. Feldspar sandstone is often light yellow, meat powder or green gray color. Feldspar sandstone can be divided into 3 kinds according to its forming conditions, that is to construct feldspar sandstone, basal feldspar sandstone and climatic feldspar sandstone. Feldspar sandstone is generally in a relatively strong tectonic movement area, the mother rock is granite or granitic gneiss, the climate is dry and cold, mainly physical weathering, under the conditions of strong erosion and rapid accumulation of the formation. Mostly continental sediments, less sea-forming. Often piled up in front of mountains or in mountain basins. Many feldspar sandstones were found to be formed in the Continental Rift Valley.The Sinian system of Tangshan, Hebei province, has feldspar sandstone, of which the feldspar can exceed 50%.


Rock Cuttings Sandstone


The amount of cuttings accounted for more than 25% of sand-grade debris. The quartz content of which is 75%, and can contain a small amount of feldspar (<10%), heavy mineral content is high, and the type is complex. Cemented compounds are often siliceous and carbonate, often containing impurities. When the >15% is mixed, it is a kind of rock-debris complex sandstone. The roundness and sorting of the debris particles is moderate to poor. Often light gray, stone gray green to dark grey. The cuttings composition is closely related to the properties of the parent rock in the source area, and the rock type can be further divided according to the cuttings composition. Rock cuttings sandstone is a kind of sandstone with low component maturity and structural maturity, which is mainly formed in the pre-or inter-mountain depression with strong tectonic changes.

MaterialGranite G361 Wulian Grey
FinishPolished, honed, flamed, bush hammered, brushed, sand blasted, water jet, chiseled, split, tumbled, pineappled.
Size600x600x10mm, 600x300x10mm, 600x600x20mm, 600x600x30mm, … 2400upx700upx20/30mm, 2800upx1800upx20/30mm.
Package(Fumigated) wooden crate, pallet, bundle, etc.
Loading portQingdao
UsageTile, slab, skirting, window sill, stair, block step, kitchen countertop, vanity, column, kerbstone, pavings, cube, mosaics, border, sculpture, tombstone and monument.
AdvantagesIndustrial experience of over 12 years ensures our clients to get satified products with fruitful profit.
Professional QC system ensures qualified products before shipping.
Good partner relationship with carriers and forwarders makes our logistics efficient and cost-saved.


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