Side Emitting Ip40 Led Flat Panel Light 48w 1200mm With 120° Beam Angle

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Side Emitting Ip40 Led Flat Panel Light 48w 1200mm With 120° Beam Angle

Country/Region china
City & Province guangzhou guangdong

Product Details

Flat LED Panel Light 48W Recessed Mounted 4000K 1200mm 80Ra IP40 Side Emitting


1. Specification: 

Luminous Efficiency100lm/W
IP RatingIP40
LGPPMMA Laser Dot 3mm
DriverIsolated IC Constant Current
Warranty3 years



2. Description:

LED panel light is divided into side emitting and direct emitting, side emitting is characterized by thin lamps, only 10MM, but its light source is concentrated on both sides or four sides of the lamp, the use of light guide plate and backlight paper to refract light to the diffuser , LED relatively concentrated, LED and heat dissipation design requirements are very high, light uniformity is good, but the power is limited by the installation space and the radiator. The characteristic of direct emittng is that the light box is thick, 25-30mm, the LED light source is evenly distributed on the top of the light box, the light hits directly on the diffuser board, the utilization of light is good, the power of the LED can be increased to increase the brightness, and the radiator is added to solve the heat problem.

Our Flat led panel light is side emitting, which is needed by most customers, if you need direct emitting led panel light, please feel free to inquiry us, we could customize based on your needs.


3. Advantages:
1.Wide Voltages Isolated power driver with IC contant current;
2. Pure Aluminum material frame for bettter heat dissipation;
3. Installation could be recessed and suspended mounted
4. Adopt PMMA LGP laser dot technology, 95% light transmittance
5. Flat LED Panel Light meet the certificate requirements of CE, SAA, TUV, RoHS

6. 3 years warranty with repair or free replacement
4. Light decay characteristics:

Working period(hours)Light decay (0/00)
1000Less than 1
2000Less than 3

5. Application: 

-- Office Lighting
-- Classroom Lighting
-- Commercial Lighting
-- Supermarket Lighting
6. Quality Control:

Our QC deparment are responsible for the testing of the flat slim led panel light, 500 times on and off testing after production finished. All LED lights will be tested by the professional aging machine, each lamp should pass all the QC procedures before packing.
7. Installation: 

1. Ceiling Installation:
a. fix the upper frame
b. install connection fittings
c. laterally connect panel light to upper frame by screws

2. Embedded(Recessed) Installation:
a. Move away ceiling plaster slab, then arrage the wire
b. put through the panel light along ceiling's diagonal and then wiring.
c. fix the panel light to suitable place

3. Hanginng Installation:
a. install the hanging fixed block in order.
b. set up hanging fittings and stainless steel rope
c. fix the rope on suitable height by using lifter



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