4200lm Led Ceiling Panel Lights 48w 6000k Sliver 85ra 3 Years Warranty

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4200lm Led Ceiling Panel Lights 48w 6000k Sliver 85ra 3 Years Warranty

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Product Details

Flat LED Panel Light 48W 6000K 4200LM Aluminum PMMA LGP Sliver 85Ra 3 Years Warranty



1. Description:


Ado LED Flat Panel Light are constructed from the following eight parts: 
1. panel light aluminum frame
2. led light source
3. LED light guide plate
4. LED diffusion plate
5. reflective paper
6. rear cover
7. led driver 
8. clips/ hanging wires


As we all known, the led light source and led drivers are most important, their quality decides the led lamp's quality, high quality led chip with high quality led drivers, the led lamp quality will be much better. But for led panel light, except led chip and led drivers, the led light guide plate(LGP) quality is also very important, The light guide plate is a key point of quality control of the LED panel light. Good quality LGP can brings better light transmittance. The light looks more softer, uniform. It can make light luminous efficiency higher than 100LM/W. 


The light guide plate refracts the side LED light through the halftone dot so that light is evenly extracted from the front side. The design of the outlets is not good, and the overall light efficiency seen is very poor. Generally, there are dark sides and bright sides, or there are bright light bands in the light, or the visible dark areas, and there may be inconsistencies in brightness at different angles.



2. PMMA Light Guide Plate Advantages:


1. Ado flat led panel light adopt PMMA Light Guide Plate, it is from Japan MITSUBISH, laser dot technology.

2. Light transmittance> 95%, Yellowing rate <3%,  reflectance of 92 to 98%, material is acrylic, not aging.

3. Weathering: Normal sun exposure, no chemical, physical external force changes, five years of quality unchanged, thermal deformation> 103 ° , water absorption <3 ‰.

4. The design of the outlets is flexible, and the brightness, uniformity and degree can achieve the most satisfactory results.



3. Application: 


Flat LED Panel Light Applications to general lighting, office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, families, factories and other indoor lighting.



4. Features:


1. Up to 80% energy saving compared to standard CFL

2. Non-flickering design with a health lighting and better to protect your eyes

3. Imported Light Guide Plate form Japan,high light transmittance over 92%

4. Life to 70% lumen maintenance (L70) at 50,000 hours

5. High brightness LM-80 tested SMD2835 led chips with 110lm/W output.



5. Technical Data:


Model NO.: AD-PAL312-48W

Light Source: LED
Emitting Color: White
Appearance: Square
Voltage: 100-240V

Color: Cool White
Luminous Efficacy: 85-120lm/W
Size: 300*1200*11mm
CRI: >85
IP Grade: IP65
Workingtemperature: (-25 ~ + 45)ºC
Warranty: 3 Years
Trademark: ADO

Housing Material: Aluminum
Dimmable: With Dimmable
Type: Embedded
Certification: CE, RoHS, UL, ISO9001, SAA, CUL, CCC
Beam Angle: 120ºC
Installation: Embedded / Integrated Ceiling / Hang up
HS Code: 940510000, 940510000
Transport Package: 1PCS/Box; 5 Boxes/Carton



6. Enviromental parameter:


No.ItemTest conditionRemarks
1High temperature testput product into 50℃ chamber and test for 5 hoursStop and lit immediately
2Low temperature testput product into -20℃ chamber and test for 5 hoursStop and lit immediately
3Humidity test91%~95%Meet the demand




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