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Professional Plastic To Gasoline Machine / Waste Oil To Diesel Plant 280KWH / Ton

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Professional Plastic To Gasoline Machine / Waste Oil To Diesel Plant 280KWH / Ton

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Product Details

Professional Plastic To Gasoline Machine / Waste Oil To Diesel Plant 280KWH / Ton



Main raw material: PP, PE and PS.


Power required: around 280KWH / Ton


Daily capacity to process waste plastic: between 10 tons to 500 tons


Oil ratio: between 50% to 90% according to the different raw materials


Our pyrolysis oil to diesel plant adopts the latest pyrolysis technology, and have obtained several patents and certificates after decades of innovation and development. It has been widely recognized at home and abroad, with superior performance, competitive price, high efficiency, maintenance convenience and cost saving.


Our skilled professionals will supply customers with optimal all-in-one solutions required on civil drawings, installation & erection,supervision,

commissioning and personnel training as well as after-sale service.



Function and characteristics of environmentally friendly and energy-saving waste plastics for atmospheric pressure cracking production of fuel equipment:

The function of the equipment is to use the waste plastics discarded in the waste to be catalytically cracked in the atmospheric pressure reactor to cut off the organic polymer chains in the waste plastics and reduce them into low-molecular hydrocarbons-fuel.

The flammable non-coagulating gas below C5 generated in the production process of the equipment is recovered by the gas recovery device, and is regulated by the pipeline to be burned to the fuel burner to heat the equipment itself, thereby eliminating the secondary pollution of the gas to the environment.


  • It is heated by the flammable gas generated during the cracking process (about 60 kg of gas per ton of raw material). Each ton of raw material saves more than 500 degrees of electrical energy, which eliminates the pollution caused by direct gas emission and increases the economic benefit (the economic benefit per ton of raw materials is more than 400 yuan).
  • Atmospheric operation, computer monitoring, multiple protection, and good security.
  • Catalytic cracking is thorough. It can completely crack the organic components in the waste plastics and has a high oil yield (the amount of waste plastics processed per day is more than 2 tons or the daily oil is more than 1 ton).
  • Good environmental performance. The raw materials do not need to be cleaned to avoid water pollution. The gas produced is used for heating the equipment itself, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The residue is coal powder, which can be sold as a raw material of the carbon black industry or directly involved in coal combustion.
  • high degree of automation. The equipment is fully computer controlled, simple to operate, and requires fewer staff. A single shift of 30 tons of equipment per day requires only 4 to 6 people.
  • The constant pressure type high temperature slag discharger (our company's patent) is used to solve the safety hazard caused by the leakage of the slag discharger.
  • The gap stirrer (our company's patent) and special heat-conducting medium solve the problem of gelation in the heating process of plastics and the slow heating rate.
  • The gas recovery regulator supply device (our company's patent) solves the problem that the heat flow caused by the instability of the cracking process is unstable and the temperature cannot be controlled.
  • Special plastic cracking catalyst (our company's proprietary technology) formulation and plastic cracking process (our company's patent) are used. The combination of liquid phase catalytic cracking and gas phase catalytic cracking avoids the disadvantages of liquid phase catalytic cracking and poor oil quality, and avoids the disadvantages of high temperature and high energy consumption for gas phase catalytic cracking.
  • The use of wax oil online multiple catalytic cracking technology to solve the problem of oil wax oil.


The 4 final products we get after pyrolysis and distillation. And the usages of them is below.

1- The refining oil

(1) diesel oil (0# or 5#)

It contains 75 - 80% for all oil. And it can be used in forklift and other engineering truck, vessel, generator and etc.

(2) gasoline oil

It contains around 20% for all oil. And it can be as car oil after blending with oil of higher octain value in 1:1, or it used in gasoline generator directly.

2- Gas

It will be reused. (The combustible gas generated in processing can be recycled as fuel to heat equipment itself, which will save a lot of energy for the whole plastic pyrolysis process.)


3- Water

It will be reused as condensation water.


4- Slag

It can be made active carbon and carbon rod or combustion alongwith coal and carbon.


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