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SS Sheet Metal Coil Feeder , 3 In 1 Feeder Stamping Process Automation

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SS Sheet Metal Coil Feeder , 3 In 1 Feeder Stamping Process Automation

Country/Region china
City & Province dongguan guangdong
Categories Rubber Product Making Machinery Parts

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SS Sheet Metal Coil Feeder , 3 In 1 Feeder Stamping Process Automation


The 3-in-1 feeder solves the production problems of high-quality stamping products with a new short-process stamping automation solution, creating new opportunities for the development of precision manufacturing industries such as automobiles, hardware and electronics.


The stamping automation line consisting of 3-in-1 feeder with precision punching machine is the world's top short-process stamping system. Its performance is extremely advanced. It adopts a highly intensive compact structure, which integrates high-efficiency unwinding, material feeding control, leveling optimization and precision. Feeding, grading adjustment, environmental protection and energy saving in one.


The cumbersome process flow that needs to be separately laid out is simplified into a three-function integrated short-process automatic stamping process, which realizes a major breakthrough in stamping production technology.


Not only has it completely rid of the image of the extensive stamping automation production line and the cumbersome operation, but also the comprehensive improvement of various technical indicators such as stable and reliable unwinding, high leveling feeding precision and no gap matching.


At present, there are also many 3-in-1 feeder manufacturers in China, except that the material thickness is less than 6.0mm, and the feed-leveling hydraulic head device is less than the Ruihui 3-in-1 feeder.


When the 3-in-1 feeder is used for thick plate materials, there is a problem that the feeding is cumbersome, the feeding requires manual assistance, and the feeding accuracy is poor, and the application range is greatly limited.


Ruihui's more than ten years of feeder production and accumulation has finally achieved the reputation of “the only” and “high quality” of Ruihui 3-in-1 feeder.



automation production

automation production



ModelStock Width (mm)Coil Weight (kg)Motor
Pressing ArmCoiling block expansion modeMaterial ID (mm)Material OD (mm)


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