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HUT-200 / HUT-300 Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machines, Steady Load, Tensile & Compression Test

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HUT-200 / HUT-300 Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machines, Steady Load, Tensile & Compression Test

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Product Details

HUT-200 / HUT-300 Computerized Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machines, Steady Load




  • The HUT-200/300 series of microchip controlled Electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machines is mainly designed for tension, compression, flexure, shear on metal, and non-metal materials. This product series features a bottom-mounted hydraulic cylinder; electrically adjusted test space, hydraulically powered automatic grip, adjustable four-column main frame. It is competent to fulfill the requirements of application fields such as road, bridge construction, construction materials, quality control department, science and research department, iron forging, higher education, etc.
  • This product is applicable to tension on metal bar, plate and threaded iron, or high speed wire rod, steel strand (related accessories required), tension on high strength, high hardness metals and compression on metals or concrete. This series is also capable of both static tensile, compression tests and quasi-dynamic tests including low-cycle fatigue tests.
  • This product features a firm structure as well as steady loads, precise controls and is intuitive to operate. It adopts the leading high-performance AEC-1200 Controller, which is usually equipped on high-end material testing machines. The mechanical components collaborate with the pioneered modular Test Live computer testing software to ensure the stability, precision and reliability of the whole system.
  • The hydraulic system is upgraded with a speed withdraw unit to promote testing efficiency.
  • This product complies with the standards and requirements of GB/T 228-2002, GB/T 7314-2005 etc.


  • Support for multi-level elastic modulus tests.
  • Rounding off of numerical testing data complies with GB 8170-87 (UDC511.1/2) Rules of Rounding Off for Numerical Values, supports rounding off in sections and custom rounding off.
  • Characteristic testing data can be marked on testing graphs.
  • Support for multi-language user-interface extendibility.
  • Dynamic display of load, displacement, deformation and real-time testing curve on the screen.
  • Closed loop control of channels such as load, displacement, deformation, etc. Smooth switching in between.
  • Complies with standard requirements of torsion and compression, as well as a variety of destructive, non-destructive and multi-cycle tests.
  • Capable of statistical operations on testing data (average, standard deviation, coefficient of variance).
  • Automatic requesting for testing result data, also capable of launching an advanced analysis to inspect the data.
  • As many as 20 layers of sensor linear compensation, elevates the precision of the instruments to the next level.
  • Support saving, instant retrieving and inspection of testing results.
  • Capable of re-analyzing test data and curves, and partial zooming of testing curves at will.
  • Support Excel report templates and customized editing of test reports.
  • Integrated with software limit protection, hardware travel limit protection and full scale overload protection.



Technical Specifications:


Load measurement range1%~100%
Load measurement accuracy±0.5% / ±1%
Load resolution±1/500000 of Max capacity, no stepping, no change in full scale
ExtensometerStandard 25mm,50mm, Optional 100mm, extension scale up to 50%
Deformation measurement range1%~100%F.S.
Deformation measurement accuracy±0.5%
Deformation resolution±1/500000 of Max capacity, no stepping, no change in full scale
Crosshead displacement measurement accuracy±0.5%
Crosshead speed adjustment Range0.1~120mm/min
Crosshead speed accuracy±0.5% / ±1%
Deformation speed adjustment range0.005%~2.5%F.S./s
Deformation speed accuracy±0.5%/±1%
Loading speed adjustment Range0.01%~3%F.S./s
Loading speed accuracy±1%(speed<0.1%F.S./s), ±0.5%(speed≥0.1%F.S./s)
Piston travel200mm
Grip distance680mm
Compression space600mm
Power supply4kW/AC380V/50Hz
Main frame dimensions740×550×2000mm3
Hydraulic power unit dimensions1040×420×975mm3
WeightApprox. 1800 kg




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