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Shanghai Bairoe Test Instrument Co., Ltd.

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Address: No. 229, Yuanxi Road, Nanhui Industrial Park, Pudong New Area, 201300, Shanghai China

Contact name:Andy Lin

Shanghai Bairoe Test Instrument Co., Ltd.

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About Us

Shanghai Bairoe is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise that integrates professional electronics, mechanics, software development, design, production and service to provide complete solutions for material mechanics testing.


Our company has gathered many experienced and professional minds, who possess great designing abilities and talents, in the field of material testing. During these years and years of challenges, from grand products such as hydraulic systems, electronic universal testing machine to the domestically leading all-around controller, Bairoe is always capable of integrating the best solution that caters to the users’ needs and requirements. The backbone of our engineering team holds prominent achievements including appearance patent, utility model patent, invention patent, and commercialization of scientific and technological achievement, model worker and so on.


Bairoe bases our development on technology, aims at quality of products and fully implements the ISO9001 quality management systems. Our products are monitored during the whole manufacturing process. We try our best to capture every single detail to reach users’ expectations on the quality of the products.


Bairoe provides the following testing systems: electronic universal testing machine, electro servo hydraulic universal testing machine, automatic universal testing machine, automatic compression testing machine, stress relaxation testing machine, torsion testing machine, axial torque load joint testing machine, impact testing machine, automatic impact testing machine, shear testing machine, hydraulic horizontal tension testing machine, anchor testing machine, a complete set of optical cable testing system and etc.


Bairoe will take the responsibility of the development of material testing technology and producing leading material testing systems, work diligently towards excellency, and lead the development of material testing towards a better future.


Innovation is the force that feeds an enterprise. We absorb from others’ strengths from both home and abroad, and lead the development of new products. It is our obligation to provide the best solutions for the ever-expanding world of applications.


A harmonious team is the solid foundation that an enterprise grows on. Our company encourages the atmosphere to be tolerant to others and strict to ourselves. A culture has formed among our employees that we treat each other harmoniously and respectfully. Furthermore, we treat customers kindly, bring services with smiles to customers, and listen attentively to what lies inside their hearts.

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Company Name: Shanghai Bairoe Test Instrument Co., Ltd.
City: shanghai
Province: shanghai
Country: china
Address: No. 229, Yuanxi Road, Nanhui Industrial Park, Pudong New Area, 201300, Shanghai China