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Metallic Solid Powder Coating Powder Paint Electrostatic Auto Spraying

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Metallic Solid Powder Coating Powder Paint Electrostatic Auto Spraying

Country/Region china
City & Province tianjin tianjin
Categories Air-Compressors

Product Details

Metallic Solid Powder Coating Powder Paint Electrostatic Auto Spraying


1. Our Powder Coating Advantage:

(1) Spray ratio is 90%;

(2) 1KG of powder coating can spray 8-10 square meter;

(3) Powder Coating adhesive force is stronger 8-10 years;

(4) Powder Coating is not easy to fade in 5-8 years;

2. Charactcristic: Powder

Available Powder TypesAvailable Colors
1. Epoxy powder coating1. RAL Colors
2. Polyester Powder Coating2.Pantone Colors
3.Epoxy-Polyester Powder Coating( Hybrid)3.Customer color matching
4.Polyurethane Powder CoatingAvailable finish
5.Heat transfer printing powder coating1. Smooth
Available gloss level2. Rough( Sand texture )
1. High gloss( Above 80%)3.Wrinkle( fine texture )
2. Flat gloss (50%-80%)4.Antique( hammer tone)
3. Semi gloss(5%-50%)5.Metallic
4. Matt ( below 5%)6.Other special effect ( artistic)


Application Area
1. Household Applications7. Used for Security Door;
2. Car Coating8. Radiator & Heat Sink;
3. Used for Valve9. Corrosion Prevention of Pipes;
4. Track Traffic10. Communications Equipments;
5. Aerospare field11. Hardware & Brightwork;
6. Fitness Equipment12. Zincing & Aluminium;


Our Services

1. We offer professional products and fast delivery.

2. We will help you solve problems when you use our products.
3. Any question can turn to the technology department of our company.

Bad symtomsPossible CauseSolution

1.With low power, powder

coating is not easy to coated;


1. High voltage power supply shortage;1.Check the circuit
2.Grouding is bad;2.Remove clutter grouding line

3.Compressed air volume is too big,

the powder to blow fell &blows away;

3.Spray appropriate isolation,

reduct air convection;

4.Powder particle size is too thin;

4.Add new powder coating, reduce the

recovery powder consumption.

5.The air temperature is too high;

5.Powder particles with air water

branch of low power, control

temperature of spray area;

2. Charge repulsion powder

repboud from the working


1.The voltage is too high;1. Lower voltage and air volume;

2.Spray gun from the work location is

too close;

2. Extend the spray gun and artifacts;
3. Grouding is bad;3.Remove clutter grouding line;

4.Powder particle size is too thin, not

esay to attach to the workpiece surface;

4.Add new powder coating, reduce

the recovery powder consumption;

3. Corner not easy spraying

penetration is bad;

1. The powder amount is too small;

1. Lower voltage and air volume,

increasing the amount of powder;

2. Grouding is bad;2. Adjust the spray gun position;
3. The voltage is too high;3. Choose small backboard, proper nozzle;
4. Spray gun position is not good;

4.If the corner is more and deeper, then

consider friction gun equipment;

5. Powder spraying range is too wide;
4.Powder spraying uneven1. Air pressure is insufficient;1. Cleaning pipeline, spray gun and flowmeter;
2.Line fault block;

2.Check the air supply, Exclude water vapor

in powder agglomeration;

3.Block in the spray gun;

3.If powder agglomeration, to screen or

change new powder coating;




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