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Stainless Steel Grill Cleaning Brush 20.6" Dimension Premium For Outdoor BBQ

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Stainless Steel Grill Cleaning Brush 20.6" Dimension Premium For Outdoor BBQ

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Stainless Steel BBQ Tools Grill Cleaning Brush for Outdoor BBQ



Based in Las Vegas, NV, MAN LAW is a collective brand of premium BBQ Tools and Accessories that have been designed with the everyday American Man in mind. With the bold connection of high quality products and a humorous influence, MAN LAW is exactly what the grill has been missing for centuries.

The designers of MAN LAW are men, just like you. They realized one Saturday afternoon, while flipping a perfectly packed bacon cheddar burger, that there was something missing at the grill. That missing ingredient is quality tools and a sense of humor. They also realized that all true grill masters live by an unwritten list of rules. Thus, MAN LAW® was born, and those rules were written.

Grilling is the perfect confluence of art and science, engineering and craft, mind and spatula. The French sauté, braise, poach. They do not grill. MEN grill.

Since the first dawn of MAN, there has been honor and responsibility in providing for one's family. In order to truly appreciate this honor, all men must abide by the code that comes with it. This code is known as MAN LAW.

The proper grilling of a $23 porterhouse is a feat to rival the erection of the Great Pyramids, the Hoover Dam, and the brother-in-law's yard shed. Grilling fish or fowl, mere wienie or edible plant life is a serious endeavor.

Grilling, thus, requires the proper tools. Tools crafted and honored with the care of a surgeon operating on his fantasy team's QB. Tools, that blessing with long ago distinguished MAN from animal.

Before MAN LAW BBQ Tools, there was a niche that went completely untouched in the outdoor living category. There had never been a product line that adapted humor into the high quality BBQ utensils. The product line is very giftable so it is not limited to men alone.

MAN LAW BBQ Tools and Accessories are the highest quality BBQ products available. PERIOD. These BBQ products are designed by men, for men. Every Tool with the MAN LAW name is constructed with heavy duty materials. Each BBQ Tool is an oversized, heavy weight utensil with large, sturdy handles.


Giant BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush

This BBQ Grill cleaning brush is a great brush, very stiff bristles, which to users means extra strength cleaning!! This brush is constructed of ductile wire bristles. The handle is very comfortable to hold while scrubbing the grill. Upon first impressions the handle is the power house here, made of strong wood but yet comfortable to grip. The brush part is larger than a normal grill brush, and it is more bristles than other counterparts. So it will get the grill cleaned in less time. The handle is about 20.6 inches long, great length for getting the job done! The way that this is made the bristles enables it to get down in between the grates more easily.

This brush is very sturdy and will withstand quite a bit of pressure when you are scrubbing. Furthermore, it has a bottle opener at the end of the brush!










1) 20.6" Giant long handle brush
2) Stainless steel bristles
3) Premium wood handle
4) Heavy-duty scraper for
5) Easy cleaning
6) Built-in bottle opener to keep ya hydrated

7) Good cleaning efficiency - Effective on All Types of Grills including Char Broil, Weber, Big Green Egg, Porcelain, Ceramic, Gas Grills, Charcoal, Smokers, Infrared and More!


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