High Pressure Steel Pipe Reducer Steel Tube Reducer Silver Welded Reducing Connector DIN Standard


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High Pressure Steel Pipe Reducer Steel Tube Reducer Silver Welded Reducing Connector DIN Standard

Country/Region china
City & Province shanghai shanghai
Categories Towel Racks

Product Details

Product Description:

The Stainless Steel Reducer is a premium-grade pipe fitting designed to connect steel tubes of varying diameters with seamless efficiency. Crafted using the finest casting technics, this reducer is an essential component in any piping system requiring a durable and reliable solution for altering pipe sizes. The Stainless Steel Reducer is not only functional but also embodies the strength and corrosion resistance that stainless steel materials are renowned for. This makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to, water supply, chemical processing, and gas transportation.

At the heart of the Stainless Steel Reducer's superior performance is the high-quality stainless steel material used in its construction. Stainless steel is known for its excellent durability and resistance to a variety of corrosive elements, ensuring that the reducer maintains its integrity even in the most demanding environments. The use of stainless steel in the manufacturing process guarantees that the reducer will have a long service life, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

One of the key features of the Stainless Steel Reducer is its customizable thickness. The ability to tailor the thickness of the steel tube reducer to specific requirements means that it can be optimized for different pressures and loads, ensuring the safety and stability of the piping system. Whether it's for a lightweight application or a heavy-duty industrial setting, the Stainless Steel Reducer can be adapted to meet the various demands of any project.

When it comes to design, the Stainless Steel Reducer boasts a round head code, which is a common and versatile shape suitable for a variety of piping configurations. The rounded profile of the head code ensures a smooth transition between pipes, minimizing turbulence and resistance in the flow of liquids or gases. This feature is particularly important in maintaining the efficiency of a piping system's operation and in preventing potential wear and tear caused by irregular flow patterns.

The size of the Stainless Steel Reducer is another aspect that can be customized to fit specific needs. Whether you are dealing with large industrial pipes or smaller domestic lines, the reducer can be manufactured to exact dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit and a leak-proof connection. This level of customization is crucial in creating a seamless and efficient piping network where precise control over flow rates and pressure is required.

As a versatile and robust stainless steel pipe fitting, the Stainless Steel Reducer is an indispensable component for professionals in the piping industry. Its adaptability allows it to be used in a variety of settings, from plumbing and HVAC systems to petrochemical plants and refineries. The combination of customizable features, like size and thickness, with the inherent qualities of stainless steel, makes this reducer a top choice for anyone seeking a high-quality, long-lasting solution for pipe size transition.

In summary, the Stainless Steel Reducer stands out as a pinnacle of reliability and functionality in the realm of steel tube reducers. Whether it's the precision of its customizable size, the strength and corrosion resistance of its stainless steel construction, or the seamless flow enabled by its round head code, this pipe fitting is engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. It is not just a component but a vital piece of the puzzle that ensures the integrity and efficiency of a comprehensive piping system.



  • Product Name: Stainless Steel Reducer
  • Surface Treatment: Polished
  • Shape: Reducing
  • Color: Silver
  • Application: Pipeline System
  • Connection: Welded
  • Also known as: Stainless Steel Coupler
  • Also known as: Stainless Steel Connector
  • Also known as: Steel Tube Reducer

Technical Parameters:

Product NameStainless Steel Reducer
PressureHigh Pressure
Head CodeRound
Surface TreatmentPolished
MaterialStainless Steel
StandardANSI, DIN, JIS, GB


The TOBO GROUP's Model #0001 Stainless Steel Reducer is a premium stainless steel connector designed to seamlessly integrate into a wide array of application occasions and scenarios. This stainless steel pipe fitting, originating from China, boasts a polished surface treatment that endows it with a sleek, silver finish, ensuring that it not only performs excellently but also maintains an aesthetic appeal in visible installations.

Crafted with precision to serve as a durable stainless steel tube connector, this reducer is shaped to transition smoothly between pipes of different diameters. It is an indispensable component in industries where fluid and gas transport systems require the integration of pipelines with varying sizes. The TOBO GROUP's reducer adheres to international standards, including ANSI, DIN, JIS, and GB, guaranteeing compatibility and reliability in diverse working environments.

In the chemical processing industry, this stainless steel pipe fitting is utilized to connect reactors, storage tanks, and condensers, which often require varying pipe sizes to manage different flow rates of chemicals. The corrosion-resistant nature of the reducer ensures longevity and safe operation, even when exposed to aggressive substances. The stainless steel connector's polished surface also facilitates easy cleaning, which is crucial in maintaining purity in pharmaceutical and food processing applications.

The oil and gas sector benefits from the TOBO GROUP's stainless steel reducers in constructing complex piping networks that withstand high pressure and temperatures. These reducers are used to join pipes in both onshore and offshore rigs, refineries, and distribution systems, making them versatile components that support the industry's infrastructure. In water treatment facilities, the reducer's resistance to rust and its robustness make it ideal for connecting pipes that transport both potable and wastewater.

Furthermore, HVAC systems frequently employ these reducers to ensure efficient airflow through ducts of varying diameters. The Model #0001's standard compliance ensures that it can be used in both residential and commercial buildings, delivering performance that matches the OEM brand promise. The polished silver color integrates well with modern architectural designs, providing a professional look to exposed piping systems.

In conclusion, the TOBO GROUP's Stainless Steel Reducer Model #0001 is a versatile and essential stainless steel tube connector that finds its place in numerous industries, including but not limited to chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, oil and gas, and water treatment. Its compliance with international standards, superior surface treatment, and adaptable shape make it an excellent choice for businesses looking for reliable and aesthetically pleasing stainless steel pipe fittings.



Brand Name: TOBO GROUP

Model Number: #0001

Place of Origin: China

Surface Treatment: Polished

Thickness: Customized

Size: Customized

Shape: Reducing

Technics: Casting

Our Stainless Steel Reducing solutions are top-of-the-line, featuring the durable and versatile Steel Tube Reducer, designed to meet your specific project needs. With the Stainless Reducer Fitting, you can expect a reliable and high-quality performance for all your pipeline applications.


Support and Services:

The Stainless Steel Reducer is designed to offer a durable and reliable solution for reducing pipe sizes in a variety of industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Our product is crafted with precision from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring resistance to corrosion and a long service life. The reducer seamlessly connects pipes of different diameters, maintaining a smooth and efficient flow.

Technical support for the Stainless Steel Reducer includes comprehensive guidance on product selection to ensure compatibility with your existing piping system, assistance with installation procedures, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise during use. Our team is committed to providing expert advice on the best practices for maintenance and care to maximize the performance and longevity of your reducer.

Our services extend to providing detailed product specifications and documentation to support the proper use and integration of the reducer into your system. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction, and our support services are designed to address your needs promptly and effectively.


Packing and Shipping:

The Stainless Steel Reducer is meticulously packaged to ensure safe delivery to its destination. Each reducer is encased in a protective sleeve to prevent scratches during transit. The product is then positioned within a sturdy cardboard box filled with cushioning materials, providing additional protection against impacts and vibrations. The outer packaging is sealed and reinforced to maintain the integrity of the contents.

Prior to shipment, each package is labeled with the necessary information, including the product name, size specifications, quantity, and a barcode for efficient tracking. The package is then dispatched through a reliable courier service, with options for expedited shipping available upon request. Customers will receive a shipment confirmation along with a tracking number to monitor the progress of their delivery.



Q1: What is the brand name of the stainless steel reducer?

A1: The brand name of the stainless steel reducer is TOBO GROUP.

Q2: What is the model number of this stainless steel reducer?

A2: The model number for this stainless steel reducer is #0001.

Q3: Where is the TOBO GROUP stainless steel reducer manufactured?

A3: The place of origin for the TOBO GROUP stainless steel reducer is China.

Q4: Can the TOBO GROUP stainless steel reducer be used for both concentric and eccentric applications?

A4: Please provide the specific type of reducer you're inquiring about. TOBO GROUP produces both concentric and eccentric stainless steel reducers, and the suitability will depend on the specific application and requirements.

Q5: Is the TOBO GROUP Model #0001 stainless steel reducer suitable for high-pressure applications?

A5: Yes, the TOBO GROUP Model #0001 stainless steel reducer is designed to withstand high-pressure applications, but it's essential to check the pressure rating and compatibility with your specific system requirements.

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