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Wisman High Voltage Power Supply Co.,LTD.

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Address: Tsinghua Science Park,shiji Rd,Xianyang,Shaanxi,P.R.China

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Wisman High Voltage Power Supply Co.,LTD.

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Wisman High Voltage Power Supply Co.,Ltd, is the professional X-ray generator, DC high voltage power supply, PCB mount module and X-ray source manufacturers.We designed  manufacture of custom and standard products, power from 120mW to 150kW, voltage ranges from 300V to 500kV.Our products are mainly used in the following fields: X ray tube, bone density testing, analysis equipment, electrophoresis, semiconductor, ion implantation, printing plate, nondestructive testing, X ray imaging, electrostatic dust, fume purification, electrostatic spraying, CT, electrostatic spraying, laser equipment, ozone equipment, electrostatic flocking, scientific research, electrostatic sterilization.Wisman has become a global medical, industrial, scientific research field a trustworthy supplier.We constantly improve the high-voltage power supply product line, can meet the requirements of global medical, industrial, scientific research needs, including a variety of partial, unpopular needs, including manufacturers supporting OEM, Scientific Research Institute experimental test equipment, and other direct user demand.The high voltage power supply products are typical application:

X-ray analysis such as: energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzer, electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis, X-ray diffraction

Automatic test equipment

The capacitor charging and discharging


Carbon dioxide laser

Cathode ray tube: display, flight simulation

Detector, X-ray, microchannel plate photomultiplier tube,

Dielectric breakdown test

Electron beam exposure

Capillary gel electrophoresis

Application of electrostatic: copiers, coating, electrostatic flocking, electrostatic precipitator, fume purification, air purification, electrostatic spray (spray, spray paint)

Image intensifier

Industrial color printing

Industrial X ray: baggage inspection, food inspection, radiation

PCB testing, nondestructive testing, thickness gauge, test tube

Ion beam: mask repair using focused ion beam microscope

Ion implantation


Mass spectrometer: TOF (Time of Flight), MALDI, MALDI-TOF, ICP, SIMS

Medical imaging PET, MRI

Medical Oncology

X ray medical CT, bone mineral density test, chest X-ray

Magnetron, microwave: klystron

Neutron generator

Nuclear detection instrument

Nuclear medical gamma camera

Marine electrical equipment

Electron microscope

Medical blood analysis

A spectrometer

Agricultural fog dew removing production

Pressure test

Surface analysis

Water purification

Hot Products

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【Model】 Digital 35um micro-focus X-ray inspection system 【Power(W)】 50W 【Output Voltage(kV)】 ,20,30...
Product Name XRD PowerW ,300,600,1200 Output Voltage(KV) ,20,30,40,50,60,70, ISO9000:2008 certified ...
【Type】 XRL 【Power(W)】 75W、90W、120W、140W、200W、700W 【Maximum output voltage(kV)】 ,20,30,40,50,60,65,70...
【Type】 XRB 【Power(W)】 150W、300W、 【Maximum output voltage(kV)】 ,20,25,30,35,40,50,60,65,80,90,100,120...
【Type】 XRN 【Power(W)】 20W、30W、40W 50W、65W、75W 【maximum output voltage(kV)】 ,20,25,30,35,40,50,60,65, ...

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Company Name: Wisman High Voltage Power Supply Co.,LTD.
City: Xianyang
Province: Shaanxi
Address: Tsinghua Science Park,shiji Rd,Xianyang,Shaanxi,P.R.China