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Powerful Medical Hemp CBD Producing Line Solid Liquid Extractor Machine

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Powerful Medical Hemp CBD Producing Line Solid Liquid Extractor Machine

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Powerful Medical Hemp CBD Producing Line Solid Liquid Extractor Machine​


Liquid Extractor Machine Working Principle


The centrifuge uses centrifugal force to separate liquid and solid particles at high speed.

When the centrifuge is running at low speed, it can extract solid particles with liquid by stirring force.

Liquid Extractor Machine Features

Closed construction design, to satisfy closed anti-explosion requirement, it is suitable for the poisonous, inflammable and explosive scene.

Controlled by the inverter with smooth and steady start, the separation factor is adjustable, to achieve the charge and washing rotating speed differ.

Equipped with cleaning spray system, and can achieve the online cleaning for the centrifuge, and the internal shell, drum inner .

Equipped with nitrogen protection system, to make sure the inside and the outside air not contact.


Liquid Extractor Machine Parameters


MATERIALstainless steel 304
VOLTAGE220V OR 380V-60HZ 3 phase


Analysis of DEA superiority
DEA's devices start from design to final delivery to customers
We run through the concept of "better customer service".
We have been optimizing the 4 issues that customers are most concerned about: "equipment is easy to use, reasonable price, short delivery time, convenient and easy".


Lean manufacturing
For molecular distillation thin film evaporator, the ratio of height to diameter of heat exchange surface is required. As an example of 0.5m2 molecular distillation, most manufacturers in China have modified the standard into 1:1.85 in order to reduce the manufacturing difficulty of the rotor and barrel, but DDA insisted on the standard 1:3.75 of the same kind in European and American countries. (manufacturing unqualified rotor vibration, metal knocking abnormal noise, dynamic seal life is poor, motor speed is low power is very large. We promise to produce any rotor concentricity in 0.5-1mm, which is comparable to the manufacturing level of any foreign company of the same kind.
DEA adheres to the "professional welding mold & large CNC machine tool". We study automobile welding technology. We hire professional companies to design various tooling moulds for machine parts and assembly for equipment parts. In the factory, large numerical control cutter cutting, plasma cutting, wire cutting, CNC lathe, machining center, and various specifications of universal car drilling machine are arranged in the factory. In line with the constant pursuit of quality improvement belief, Germany has created the leading industry's manufacturing level.


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