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Rubber Mud Plumbing Toilet Seal Flange , Bottom Mounted Perfect Seal Toilet Wax Ring

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Rubber Mud Plumbing Toilet Seal Flange , Bottom Mounted Perfect Seal Toilet Wax Ring

Country/Region china
City & Province xiamen fujian
Categories Institutional Furniture

Product Details

The toilet seal flange glue ring sealing rubber cement installation flange high quality sealing ring


Install the matters needing attention

After the sealing ring is removed, it should be installed on the urinal immediately.If the surface of the toilet is contaminated with water or dust, it should be cleaned and installed, or it may affect the adhesion and sealing of the product.

category:Sanitary ware
Scope of application:Installation of siphon type, flush type toilet seat
Installation:The sewage outlet center
Inside diameter:95mm
Outer diameter:136mm


1. Anti-leakage, anti-odour and antibacterial.2. Good sealing performance and long service life.

Weight: 150+/-5 grams;

Rubber material: using high quality synthetic rubber as base material, has excellent sealing performance, adhesion properties and ductility can, can use repeatedly without damage, material non-toxic, non-polluting, contains antibacterial agents, have certain antibacterial properties.Rubber implement flange sealing ring can be used in the more extreme conditions, using temperature from 20 ℃ to 60 ℃ can be normal use, under the condition of high temperature 100 ℃ will not melt.

2. Applicable performance: we have different sizes and different styles of seats to seal flange products for customers to choose, in order to support customers' different sets of toilets for installation and installation.

3. Performance: no matter whether it is waxy or rubber, it has the following properties

A, high temperature performance: under the condition of high temperature of 70 ℃ is not melting, deformation, return to normal temperature state its performance is consistent with the test before;

B, low temperature performance: 10-20 ℃ below zero under the condition of embrittlement, qualitative change, return to normal temperature state its performance is consistent with the test before;

C, resistance to acid and alkali and lavatory fluid performance: in 10% of acidic and alkaline or lavatory fluid solution does not rot, and destruction, when after the completion of the test samples and test the samples before the contrast found no qualitative change;

D, weatherability: the product can be used normally at low temperature -20 to 50 degrees;

E, service life: under normal installation and usage, the service life of the product can be up to 8 years;

F. Antibacterial properties: the product has certain antimicrobial properties,

G. The product is non-toxic and pollution-free. It will not cause damage to the environment and meet the requirements of SGS pollution and toxicity testing.

Company profile:
Xiamen San - Tide sanitary ware co., LTD., founded in 2014, is a company dedicated to high-end bathroom accessories development, production and sales of enterprises, the company predecessor mold factory, founded in 2002, mainly engaged in rubber, plastic mold production, research and development work;In 2005, the injection molding department was added to produce injection moulds and various rubber products.2012 rubber production company, is specialized in rubber and silicone products production and sales, mainly for the sanitary ware, electronics, home appliances, automotive, medical and other industries to provide high-quality rubber seal products;As the business development and in order to meet the requirement of professional market, founded in 2014 in xiamen San - Tide sanitary ware co., LTD., professional research, development, production and sales all kinds of high-end bathroom accessories, the main drainage pipe, shifter, flange, cap, buttons, install rubber gasket, bathroom screw parts such as plastic, rubber, metal accessories.
The company persists in research and development, innovation, quality products and services for the development of the foundation, each year continuous development meet the market demand of new products and provide high quality professional service to our customers.
On the basis of quality, our company locates our products with "personality space and noble embodiment", and designs products with fashionable and noble ideas to meet the needs of consumers.At the same time, training a responsive, powerful sales and service network team, at home and abroad have a high reputation and reputation, make the brand become a nationally renowned brand!

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