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Straight Line Continuous Wire Rod Drawing Machine , Ironed Cast Copper Wire Making Machine

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Straight Line Continuous Wire Rod Drawing Machine , Ironed Cast Copper Wire Making Machine

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straight line continuous copper wire rod drawing machine with ironed cast​ 


Main features:

  1. Ironed cast.
  2. Horizontal structure, dual driving motors, owning rapid die change system.
  3. High precision gear transmission, high efficiency, low noise.
  4. Full immersed way to lubricate and cool, which can guarantee the quality of drawing die.
  5. Annealing device is inclined, which is convenient for workers to cross wire. Special design air pipe to send air to the axis of annealing wheel


Mould size5.5mm4.7mm4.1mm3.5mm
Motor Capacity18.5kw18.5kw18.5kw18.5kw
Rotational speed58R/MIN78R/MIN100R/MIN128R/MIN
Type of Motor6 level motor4 level motor4 level motor4 level motor


Equipment Composition:

  • LZ6/560 Straight line wire drawing machine
  • 800mmI-spool wire take-up machine
  • Man-machine interface control touch screen
  • Whole set electrical control cabinet

Main technical parameter and points:
(1) Inlet strength: ≦600 MPa

  1. Max inlet dia: Ф6.5mm
  2. Min wire outlet dia: Ф1.5mm

(4) Max compression rate:87%
(5) Max drawing speed:20m/s Normal drawing speed:18m/s
(6) Water consumption and pressure:5m3/h water pressure≥0.25MPa
(7) Air consumption and pressure:1.0m3/h air pressure≥0.6MPa
(8) Motor:①Main motor:30KW*1+22KW*5 AC motor
② Wire take-up machine:15KW AC motor
(9) Drawing drum: Drum diameter Ф560mm,material:ZG45 steel,spray
tungsten carbide hard alloy powder on the working surface, thickness 1mm,height:60mm , Drum as a direct contact with the steel wire core components, its manufacturing technology also be especially fastidious. My company reel overall beautiful
sex and rigidity is higher; After tempering treatment after rough machining, in order
to improve the overall and mechanical properties of the drum; Drum face by
surfacing welding wear-resisting carbide processing, and then after grinding machinegrinding refined but become, within the drum surface processing has spiral u-shapeslot. Its cooling principle is through the drum and the relative rotary motion of the water jacket cooling water jacket of the lateral oblique rib to squeeze into the top, the inside of the drum helical will finish heat exchange cooling water down the u-
shaped groove to make it fast, within the drum surface processing with the
application of the spiral u-shaped slot technology, not only make the squeezing
effect of cooling water, and increased the reel internal heat exchange area, practiceproves that the application of this structure, drum heat exchange efficiency more than 30%, thus greatly improve the drum water cooling effect; Another drum wall caneffectively prevent the scale deposit on the inner wall of the drum, further to ensure the water cooling effect, and improve the service life of the drum.to ensure the quality of steel wire drawing. Drum surface finish Ra0.4 or higher, the surface hardness of about HRC60°, drum set satisfies the requirement of high-speed drawing wire line height. Wear and tear up the slot free replacement within 5000h
(10) Rotational Die Box:
① Die rotation, when wire drawing,the die life
increased by 15%, and steel wire surface lubrication powder evenly, drawing speed
increased by 10%.
② Die box can be universal adjustment to ensure that the Angle of the steel wire drawing
which provides the high quality wire.
(11) Tuning roller:
① Using Pneumatic anti-tension tuning , the tension is adjustable; guide pulley are sprayed with WC, useful life is more than two years. Sensor adopt angular displacement non-contact way, schneider sensor imported from Germany, make the process of template matching wider, mould can be automatically compensated after wear and tear, and it is difficult to break line.
② Using single control device which is originated in domestic, make sure that the swing when tuning roller is runing is not related to the direction of mould entering wire, wire entering angle is constant: 〈1〉make sure useful life of mould prolong more than 20%〈2〉make sure stable roundness when drawing;〈3〉make sure fine stable linearity when drawing

  1. Frame form:Wire drawing machine designed to form solid welding enclosure, the frame structure of the whole production process in strict accordance with the G level standard cold plate structure, ensure the machine of mesa verticality, smoothness and elevation of rigidity is very good, do not need special fixed; All rolls are installed, just face to beat no greater than 0.25 mm, using tuning roller tension

arm, between the two drum with sensors the match between two drum speed adjustment.


Rapid die change system


a. easy to operate, save time and with high efficiency

b. can speed up

c. reduce power loss(energy-saving)

d.add final rotating die system


Take up type:(double take-up)

a. easy to operate: both clamp and gore out device adopt button instead of hand operation, easy to operate, and better protection of bearings

b. auto bobbin changed

c. auto bobbin changed without stopping the machine, can be non-stop continuous production




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