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Nonstick Hard Boiled Silicone Eggs Cookers without Egg Shell, 6 Packs, BPA Free

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Nonstick Hard Boiled Silicone Eggs Cookers without Egg Shell, 6 Packs, BPA Free

Country/Region china
City & Province xiamen fujian
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Product Details

Nonstick Hard Boiled Silicone Eggs Cookers without Egg Shell, 6 Packs, BPA Free
* Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
* Made of food-grade silicone
* FDA approved and free of BPA
* Tasteless and non-toxic
* Easy and convenient to cook soft, medium or hard-boiled eggs
* Healthy egg for breakfast or compliment any other mealtime
* Perfect for cooking eggs bites, egg white, and cupcakes etc.
* Use to prepare recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or mealtime spread
* Fun for a birthday or holiday party, picnic, wedding or showcase egg creations

1. Item Name:Nonstick Hard Boiled Silicone Eggs Cookers without Egg Shell, 6 Packs, BPA Free
2. Specifications:

• Material: food grade silicone
• Lid color: Red
• Weight: 0.5kg
• Size: 6.5*6.5*8.5cm
• Quantity: 6 pcs in one set

3. Advantages:

1) With long lifetime, durable and eco-friendly.
2) Non-stick and easy to clean
3) BPA free and eco-friendly
4) Perfect for families with children and pets, and also for gifts.

5. Safety:

1) Safe for the freezer and dishwasher
2) With food grade silicone mold, it is safe to use in high or low heat.
3) Easy to clean, easy to handle.
4) Food Grade Silicone Mold and PP Lid
5) None chemical coatings.

6. Kitchen Helper:

Tired of just boiled eggs?
Scrambled eggs, mini omellets, benedict eggs or salads, so many choices.
You can check when the eggs are fully cooked, and you will be able to create unique eggs by adding ingredients before placing them in the water.

7. Packaging:

Custom box as you desire, pls provide us with your box design

8. Service:

1) OEM service offered;
2) Design service offered;
3) Buyer lable offered.

9. Caution:

- The egg cooker cannot be used in the microwave;
- Temperature Safe from -40°F to +250°F (-40℃ to +120℃);
- Use olive oil to prevent eggs from sticking;
- Clean it up after use in order to avoid damage

Step 1
Before cracking the egg in order to get perfect shape, it is better to use a tiny bit of olive oil, if you do that the egg won't stick to the egg cooker.
Step 2
Cooked in boiling water.
Do not approach boiled water to avoid steam burns when the water boils.


When the water is boiling, lower the power to keep water faint boiling to keep egg cookers stable.

Step 3
When the eggs get cold to a good temperature, just pop it out to decorate your egg. 
Step 4
Get a perfect poached boiled eggs and enjoy your meal.
More information:
> Easy to make soft or hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, mini omelettes, egg benedict's and more.
> Includes 6 individual non BPA, non-stick silicone egg cooking cups.
> Dishwasher Safe and easy to clean.
> Please use caution when handling as contents will be very hot
> Just crack open the eggs, pour into an cooking cup, boil and serve.
> Perfectly cooked silicone boiler BPA-free non-stick silicone pods make cooking eggs easier than ever.
> Boiled water won’t get inside easily and the egg white won’t get out easily only if you have tightened the egg cooker lid.
> You can add vegetables, seasonings, raisins and whatever you want to eat with eggs.
> Make your favorite delicious egg dishes and never peel a hard-boiled egg again.
> The egg boiler fits perfectly in any pot, Just putting enough water to let them float in it.

> Gently spray each cup with a cooking spray or apply any cooking oil.
> Pour out the extra oil to eliminate unwanted grease.

1) Can you do custom box?
Of course. We can produce the box as long as you provide your design of the box.
2) Can we add logo on the products?
Yes, you can put your logo on products with printing, debossed embossed or heat-trasfer methods.

3) What is the lead time?

Our lead time will be 15-20 business days.
If you have urgent orders, you can discuss with our sales person to get short time.

4) What's your payment terms?

We can accept T/T, PayPal, Western Union.


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