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Shandong BOS Power Supply Co., Ltd

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Shandong BOS Power Supply Co., Ltd

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Best of system (B.O.S) is a global company, which specializes in designing and manufacturing the power supply, and the high reliability of our products result from the most advanced technique of the aerospace and the military. We always take the technology of inverter as the core, the products include Inverting Power Supply (widely used electric power, communication, Locomotive), Variable Frequency Power Supply, Aviation Military Special-purpose Power Supply (400Hz frequency conversion, 28.5 Direct-current power supply), Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Emergency Power Supply (EPS) and new energy power supply (solar energy and wind power system) etc. In order to expand Chinese market, the B.O.S Corporation cooperates with the Jinan ACKE to establish the Chinese manufacturing center, which is named the Shandong BOS Power Supply Co.,Ltd. The company concentrates in providing the omni-directional power supply solution for the customers. The B.O.S Corporation possesses of multiterm national patents about power supply, and has passed national astronautics quality certification ISO9001 (2000). With the specialized design troop, 100% product examination, and the best service system, our company has taken a high market share. At present, the B.O.S products are exported to many countries, such as Canada, America, HongKong, Korea, Cuba, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and so on. And these products have been widely used in Aerospace, Electric power, Railway, Medical, Test facility, Communication, Solar energy and wind power system etc. In additional, the scientific research department resolved the difficulty about parallel connection of domestic high power inverter, which makes the B.O.S power supply maximum power reach 1500KVA and fill in the domestic blank.

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Company Name: Shandong BOS Power Supply Co., Ltd
City: jinan
Province: shandong
Country: China
Address: North industry road 147-2