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Steam Heating Poultry Waste Rendering Plant Coil Dryer Food Industry

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Steam Heating Poultry Waste Rendering Plant Coil Dryer Food Industry

Country/Region china
City & Province jiangsu
Categories Rubber Processing Machinery

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 Steam Heating Poultry Waste Rendering Plant Coil Dryer Food Industry

Product Description


    Coil tube dryer can be heated both by the rotor and the stator, which greatly increases the drying area, improves the thermal efficiency and ensures the material is fully dried. The dryer is composed of a horizontal stator and a rotor. The heating tubes are installed on the rotor and with the paddles on the sides, which' angels can be adjusted. It's for heating the materials when working and also pushing the materials to the discharge end. The steam distribution device can make the steam evenly distributed to each heating tube. The steam flows inside the heating tube, makes the heating tube to keep constant temperature. Then the condensate will be discharged through the special device at the end of the shaft.

    Coil dryer has high drying efficiency, long service life and low maintenance frequency. It is widely used in animal protein, plant protein food, harmless treatment and other fields. According to different physical properties of materials, the construction material of coiled tube dryer can be carbon steel, stainless steel 304, 316L, dual phase steel and etc.

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