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LonRise Equipment Co. Ltd.

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Address: 26Minyi Road, Xinqiao, Songjiang Industrail Zone Shanghai China

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LonRise Equipment Co. Ltd.

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About Us

The Formation of Lonrise


  The Company was founded in 2007 as Cisco distributor and integrator domestically. After 4 years' steadfast development, it spotted the business abroad. Thus Lonrise stepped on the road as a global CISCO supplier which has owned a good reputation within field .We not only gain a continued trust from old customers but also attract many new customers.



Lonrise is specialized in supplying new original sealed Cisco equipment. Our product can create tremendous cost effectiveness for our customer. Our superior service makes our customer's purchasing process a comfortable journey. Lonrise concentrates on the construction of Cisco equipment supply Channel. We are the superior network equipment supplier and source of Cisco new equipment. We are the first choice of your Cisco product source.


Lonrise can low your cost of networking infrastructure. We supply new Cisco equipment around 50%-75% based on global list price. We endeavor to keep our price as low as possible. And meanwhile we struggles to give our best service till each details.


Lonrise supplies all new factory sealed Cisco equipment, including Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches, Cisco Firewall, Cisco module and relative Cisco software and license.


Lonrise people believe that only through creditable management and utmost service, we can win reputation for our company.

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Company Name: LonRise Equipment Co. Ltd.
City: shanghai
Province: shanghai
Country: china
Address: 26Minyi Road, Xinqiao, Songjiang Industrail Zone Shanghai China