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4800kv High Voltage Impulse Generator Lightning Testing Lab Equipment

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4800kv High Voltage Impulse Generator Lightning Testing Lab Equipment

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Product Details

4800KV Impulse Voltage Generator Lightning Testing Lab Equipment


Product Description:

HZCJ-4800kV/20kJ impulse voltage generator is used for impulse voltage test of lightning impulse voltage full wave , lightning impulse voltage chopped wave and operation impulse voltage wave which apply to electrical equipment ect. Multiple waveform impulse voltage generator can produce eight kinds of waveforms of standard lightning wave, operation wave, lightning chopped wave, oscillating lightning wave, oscillating operation wave, line insulator steep wave, composite insulator steep wave, transformer induction operation wave. The technology index accords with national standard and IEC standard, is in the leading position at home and has reached an advanced level in the world.

Product Features:


1. Complete sets, full voltage classes.

2. Simple operation, excellent synchronization performance, reliable action.

3. Use constant current charging technology, high automation, strong anti-interference performance.

4. Small loop inductance, take the band elimination filter measures, still produce standard impulse wave in the large-capacity load , large load capacity, high voltage utilization, convenient to adjust wave.

5. Use digital measurement and analysis system and computer on line processing system for impulse test data, greatly improve the test technology and efficiency.

Product Parameters:


Standard VoltageImpulse Capacitance(µF)Classes Capacitance(µF)Impulse Energy(kJ)Classes Voltage(kV)ClassWeight(kg)
Technique Parameters
Items1,1.2/50µs 2,250/2500µs 3,2~5µs etc waveforms
Output Peak Value100~10000kV
T1 Wave Front Time1.2µs±30%
T2 Wave Tail Time50µs±20%
Reverse Overshoot<20%
Voltage PolarityPositive/negative(manual shifting)
Waveform ShiftAuto shifting
Charging Time10s~999s, set arbitrarily
Instability of charging voltage<1%
External Input50Hz/60Hz
Trigger MethodAuto or manual, can single trigger
Trigger Maloperation rate<1%
Trigger Range100% rated charging voltage
Display Screen17 inch TFT colour screen
Measurement Display PrecisionBetter than 3%
Tested Product Residual Voltage<5kV
Voltage MeasurementUse damped impulse divider
OscilloscopeTBS series, optional
Insulation Strength≤500V RMS(common to ground refer PE)
General Parameters
Power SourceAC220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Environment Temperature-10±40ºC
Relative Humidity35%-85%RH(no condensation)
Ground Resistance≤0.5Ω
Structure TypeOpen structure,independent control cabinet and main body, optical fiber connection
Control Console1.8M(length)*1.2M(height)*1M(width)
No conductive dust, no fire and explosion hazards, no corrosive metal and insulation gas, waveform
of power voltage is sine wave, distortion <5%.
Equipment model selection parameters
Nominal Total Voltage kVClassImpulse Capacitance (μF)Impulse Level Capacitance(μF)Total Charging Power(kJ)Application
Minimum time difference between pulse30s40s
Generator capacity per level≤1600kV use 100kV single side charging 1≥1600kV use 100kV double sides charging

Quality Guarantee: One year quality guarantee after shipment.

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