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Super strong N35 Neodymium Magnet disc D7 x 5mm

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Super strong N35 Neodymium Magnet disc D7 x 5mm

City & Province Shenzhen Guangdong

Product Details

Super strong N35 Neodymium Magnet disc D7 x 5mm 

Material: Neodymium-Iron-Boron

Size : Any size can be produce
Surface: Ni-Cu-Ni, Ni, Zn, Au, Cu, Epoxy etc

Magnetizing direction: Thickness, axially,diametral,multi-poles,radial magnetized,and customzied specific requirements magnetized

Shape: customized
Process: Raw materials-Burdening-Melting-Crushing-Milling-Pressing-Vacuum sintering-Maching-Plating-Inspection-Packing.
Application: Our products are widely used in Packaging,Transportations, Rlectronics,Communication Equipment, Medical Equipments,Home Aplications,and Magnetic Finery, Advertisement,and other magnetic applications

Advantages(All-round Service):

1.We have been in this field of business for more than 8 years, in which time we have gained much valuable manufacturing experience and full-range facilities as well as advanced technology.
2.The magnet raw material are high standard which are provided by the earliest Rare-earth metal research institute of China.
3. Production process control is strict and accurate, all products have comply with ISO9001:2008, Reach, RoHS and 100% inspection

All of our products have passed the certified of REACH,ROHS,SGS and ISO9001:2008, and our prices have obvious competitive advantages.


1. Any grade, size and shapes magnet can be produced.
2. We will send samples to your confirmation.
3. We will contact you at first time if something wrong when we product the mass goods.
4. We welcome customer check mass goods before delivery.

Quality Control:
1. Our quality assurance system in factory meets the requirements of ISO9001:2008 as certified by BM TRADA & UKAS. Our products meet RoHS standard as per test reports issued by an internationally recognized laboratory SGS. Please check the relevant certificate, reports in our website.
2. QC team consists of more than 10 professional people to ensure 100% products high quality.

Buyer Guide :

In order to quote you the best price quickly . please provide the following information:

1. Product size . grade . coating. ect

2. Oreder quantity

3.Attached the drawing if customized

4. Any special packing or other requirement

Contact us

Tel: +86-755-27230926 Ext:8013 Fax: +86-755-61658088

Mobile: +86-13798177524 Skype: Wendy zeng-aim

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