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Wuxi Yingkesong Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd

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Address: Chunfeng road, Tancun village, Chaqiao, Anzhen subdistrict, Xishan district, Wuxi, Jiangsu province,China 214104

Phone: 86

Contact name:Mr. Fei Liu

Wuxi Yingkesong Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd

About Us

Are you still trouble in after-sale service and technical service of motorcycle and auto products? Please contact us because we have 20 years professional and excellent team from all walks of life and we offer technical services free of charge.

Wuxi Yingkesong Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. Focuses on the export of motorcycle accessories and spare parts and electric bikes and spare parts.

1.1. Motorcycle Engine parts
1.2. Motorcycle Frame parts
1.3. Motorcycle Wheels
1.4. Motorcycle Body Kits
1.5. Motorcycle brake system
1.6. Motorcycle Lights

2.1. Electric Bike Batteries
2.2. Electric Bike Frames
2.3. Electric Bike Motors
2.4. Electric Bike Baskets and Luggage

3.1. Intercoolers
3.2. Ignition coil, Cables, Cardan joint, Shock absorber, Hub, Tire, Meter, Electric parts, HID, LED lights etc,

4. Heat exchangers for Air compressors, Airdryer, Hydraulic transmission, Hydraulic, Engineering Machinery, Construction machinery, Harbor lift, Agriculture forestry machinery, and New energy.
4.1. (Core) Component for heat exchanging
4.2. Cooler for Air separation heat axchnagers
4.3. Cooler fin(strip fin, perforated fin, wavy fin, herringbone fin, straight fin, louvered fin)

5. We also supply Motor module

  Our products are of high quality and innovative designs, and they have been well received in the world market, especially in Europe, North and South America, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions.

  We have set up solid partnerships with many excellent domestic manufacturers. We work closely with them not only in market development but also in pattern design and manufacturing techniques.

  We follow the trends of world market very closely, keep up to date in new production and processing technology, continuously design and develop the new products, constantly provide the most reliable products and always provide first-class services for our clients.

  We welcome customers from every country and region to contact us and we assure the most positive reply as early as possible!

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Company info

Company Name: Wuxi Yingkesong Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd
City: Wuxi
Province: Jiangsu
Country: china
Address: Chunfeng road, Tancun village, Chaqiao, Anzhen subdistrict, Xishan district, Wuxi, Jiangsu province,China 214104