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street pole led display,wireless control pole street led disply screen P4mm P5mm P6mm P8mm

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Address: Arise Technology Co., Ltd Jingsheng Industry Area, Huafan Road, Dalang Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.

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Arise Technology Co., Ltd

street pole led display,wireless control pole street led disply screen P4mm P5mm P6mm P8mm

City & Province Shenzhen Guangdong

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street pole led display,wireless control pole street led disply screen P4mm P5mm P6mm P8mm

Arise Technology Co., Ltd



1. Intelligent control: with LAN, WIFI, 3G intelligent management module inside, can control the screen as your convenient, change the display content as you want

2. Saving time and labor:  once the screen is installed successfully, the advertising content can change at any time as request, don't like the traditional static billboards need to be dissambled frequently, save the working time and labor cost, and control the advertising contents easily.

3.High waterproof IP level: with front IP65 and back IP54, good waterproof, can be used outdoor  with any weather

4. Easy maintenance: Side open and back maintenance for option, and dot to dot maintenance, easy and quickly

5.SMD led encapsulation confirm the good uniformity and high definition

6. Can be done with single side or double sides


Pixel Pitch


Module Size


Module Resolution







1R1G1B 3in1

Chip parameters

Red (620-625nm) IV:(800-960mcd)

Chip parameters

Green (520-525nm) IV:(1350-1650mcd)

Chip parameters

Blue (470-475nm) IV:(330-400mcd)

Display Dimension(W*H)


The entire screen size(W*H*D)


Pixel Resolution W*H(dots/set)

192×288=55296 dots

Cabinets Material


Frame Frequency

60 frame/sec

Input Voltage




Viewing Angle


Minimum Viewing Distance


Color Processing


Total Power Consumption (Max)


Brightness Adjustment

256 color levels,can be adjusted manually and automatically optional

Total Power Consumption (Average)


MTBF( mean time between failures)

10,000 hours

Display Function



100,000 hours

Refresh Rate


Protection Level(front/back)


Working Temperature


Malfunction Dot Rate

less than 0.0001




Arise Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company dedicated in providing professional LED displays and comprehensive optoelectronic solutions.


Arise Technology owns strong execution, brilliant development strategies and programs, sustainable creation based on market demand. We spare no effort to provide customers with market-oriented innovative products with good reliability, suitable solutions and all-round service. Our main products includes indoor and outdoor full color fixed installation LED display, indoor and outdoor rental LED displays, LED Mesh/LED curtain displays, LED advertising player displays, floor LED displays, stadium/perimeter LED displays, creative LED displays, mobile LED displays, flexible LED displays, transparent LED displays, high-resolution full color LED display, customized LED displays, and the whole display system and equipment. We are ready to providing LED display solutions for oversea and domestic advertisement media, building advertising and lighting, municipal administration, hospital, hotel, bank, traffic, sports, entertainment, show, exhibition, etc.


We Arise Technology regard integrity in company staff, customers and suppliers as the enterprise foundations, market demands as the guide. We guarantee quality with profession and dedication and use enterprise culture to fill our brand. We keep striving, forging ahead, creating to provide customer with strong and unremitting support and backup.


We Arise Technology also have more LED displays for your projects:

Category Pixel Pitch(mm)

1. Outdoor Fix Installation LED Display Series P4/ P5/ P6/ P6.67/ P8/ P10 (DIP)/ P10 (SMD)/ P10.4/ P12/ P16

2. Outdoor Strip/Louver LED Display Series P15.625-15.625/ P15.625-31.25/ P31.25-31.25

3. Outdoor Rental LED display Series      P3.9/ P4.8/ P5/ P6/ P6.25/ P6.67/ P6.94/ P7.8/ P8/ P8.9/ P10

4. Indoor Fix Installation LED display Series P1.2/P1.56/P1.6/ P1.667/ P1.8/ P1.875/ P1.9/ P2/ P2.5/ P3/

                                     P3.9/ P4/ P4.8/ P5/ P6/ P6.67/ P7.62/ P8/ P10

5. Indoor Rental LED Display Series          P2/ P2.5/ P3/ P3.125/ P3.75/ P3.91/ P4/ P4.81/ P5/ P6/

                                     P6.25/ P6.4/ P7.62/ P8/ P10

6. Transparent LED Display Series          P3.9-7.8/ P7.8-15.625/ P8/ P10

7. Floor LED Display Series               P6.25/ P6.25 interactive floor LED display /P8.9/ P10.4

8. Perimeter LED Display Series             P6/ P8/ P10/ P12/ P16

9. LED Advertising Player/Kiosk LED Display Series P2.5/ P3/ P4/ P5/ P5.3/ P6

10. Taxi/Bus Mounted LED Display Series               P4/ P5/ P6/ P7.62

11. LED Ball Display Series                        P3/ P4/ P5/ P6/ P7.62/ P8/ P10

12. Multiple creative LED displays and DJ booth LED displays for clubs and stages.

• Stair LED displays: P6/ P6.67/ P7.62/ P10/ P16/ P18/ P20

• Led Street Screen: p4/p5/p6/p8

• LED Floor Tiles: P6.25/ P8.9/ P10.4

• Led Stage Screen-DJ screen: P3/ P4 /P5/ P6

• More customized LED displays.


We will be your best partner by providing you professional LED display products and service and support from China production base!! Should any LED display projects, please just feel free to contact!


Arise Technology Co., Ltd

One-stop LED display manufacturere


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