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Carbide Steel DTH Rock Drilling Tools High Performance Customized Size

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Carbide Steel DTH Rock Drilling Tools High Performance Customized Size

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Adriller Drill Bit


Adiller line of top hammer bits, also commonly referred to as button bits, have been specially designed to drill through almost any type of hard and abrasive rock formations.

These drill bits not only have a superior penetration rate compared to their competitors, but also a substantially longer service life – up to 30% longer



Adriller products are compatible with many products manufactured by Sandvik, Atlas Copco, etc, all our products are widely used in mining, tunneling, quarrying, construction, and civil engineering project.

DTH bits
1. manufacture as your requirement
2. bit diameter, face shape
3. carbide button shape
4. number of air hole




  1. Surrounding Terrain: It Is Important To Keep In Mind That The Machinery That Will Need To Be Used To Extract The Ore And Other Materials Needs To Be Placed On a Stable Piece Of Land That Will Be Able To Accommodate The Weight Of The Machinery As Well As The Stress That Will Be Placed On The Machinery When It Is Working.
  2. Characteristics Of The Material To Be Mined: This Concerns The Ability To Successfully Drill The Materials Which You Need To Drill Through. If The Rock Is Too Hard To Drill Through Then It Will Place Stress On The Machinery Used To Drill. The Characteristics Of The Material Will Also Determine The Size Of The Hole.


Feature Advantage:

Carbide Button


The Adriller Drill Of Rock Drill Bit Are Made Of Best Quality Of Tungsten Carbide Button .


  1. According To Different Rock Layer , Different Carbide Button Sizes And Diameters Are Customized. Hard Rock Drill Bits Use Large Diameter Carbide Button ,
  2. And The Drill Bit Is Durable. Generally, The Spherical Button Are Used, And The Precise Design Of The Spherical Carbide Button Head Makes The Spherical Crown And The Approximate Cone Form a Good Effect Of Breaking The Rock Together.
  3. In The Mining Process Of Peru Mining, The Number Of Hard Rock Drill Bits Played a Very Important Role. The Same Rock Layer Was Constructed With Multiple Hard Rock Drill Bits And Other Brands Of Drill Bits. The Effect Was Very Obvious.





DiameterFace TypeButtons x Dia (inch)Flushing
Weight Approx.
2007 7/8Concave10 x 3/4”6 x 3/4"7 x 3/4"249108
2038Flat10 x 3/4”4 x 3/4"8 x 5/8"249108
2038Concave10 x 3/4”6 x 3/4"4x3/4" / 4x5/8"249108
2038Concave9 x 3/4”6 x 3/4"6 x 3/4"349108
2038Convex9 x 3/4”6 x 3/4"6 x 3/4"349108
2108 1/4Concave10 x 3/4”4 x 3/4"4x3/4" / 4x5/8"250.8112
2108 1/4Concave9 x 3/4"6 x 3/4"6 x 3/4"350.8112
2168 1/2Concave12 x 3/4”8 x 3/4"8 x 3/4"352.2115
2168 1/2Flat10 x 3/4”8 x 3/4"8 x 3/4"252.2115
2198 5/8Concave10 x 3/4”6 x 3/4"4x3/4" / 6x5/8"252.7116


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