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Oil Content Analyzer Solid Density Meter Oil Content Testing Machine For Oil Bearing

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Oil Content Analyzer Solid Density Meter Oil Content Testing Machine For Oil Bearing

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City & Province dongguan guangdong
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Oil Content Analyzer / Tester / Meter / Detector / Measuring Instrument , Oil Content Testing Machine for Oil Bearing





industrial ceramic,accuracy ceramci,penetrable sintering metal materials,powder metallurgy,magnetic materials,coal and rock,polymer porosity materials,new materials researching laboratory.


Porosity or void fraction is a measure of the void (i.e., "empty") spaces in a material, and is a fraction of the volume of voids over the total volume, between 0 and 1, or as a percentage between 0 and 100%.It can be calculated from the extra increased weight through dipping process.this instrument has been researched and developed by Quarrz;Adopt the high precision weighting sensor;Porosity can be read automatically;it has changed the manual computation method;save time,quick,convenient;function of testing density.



Measuring Density:

AU-120VP,AU-200VP density resolution:0.0001g/cm3,porosity resolution:0.01%
density resolution:0.001g/cm3,porosity resolution:0.1%



Function and Feature:


  1. Easy operation,accuracy,reliability.
  2. Any shape can be measured instantly,suitable for quick measurement situation.such as site and laboratory.
  3. Either water or other liquid can be used as medium..
  4. Dipping liquid density can be set personally.
  5. Adopt completed testing board and unobstructed without lifting lid design,more simpler operation,also makes the measuring result more reliable.
  6. Adopt completed injection moulding transparent PC water tank(length 15.3cm x width 10.7cm x 9.3cm),which can resist wear,fall off,and corrosion.
  7. Equiped special windproof dustproof cover,which makes the structure more convenient and durable.
  8. Including RS - 232C communication interface.it is convenient to connect PC with printer.DE-40 can be chose to print measuring data.
  9. Gross weight/Size:4.5kg/length 42.5cm x width 17.5cm x height 32.5cm
  10. Power supply:AC 100V-240V 50HZ/60HZ Europe standard.


Porosity Measuring Procedure:


  • Place sample on testing board to measure weight in air.press ENTER key to memory.
  • After did containing saturated processing,place sample on testing to measure weight.press ENTER key to memory.
  • Place sample into water to measure weight in water.press ENTER key.porosity will be displayed.


Standard Accessories:

(1)host(2)water tank(3)testing board(4)tweezers(5)thermometers(6)weight(7)windproof dustproof cover(8)power transformer



Anti-counterfeiting Announcement:


The bad and good products is intermingled on market today.Most customers had suffered a lot from the brand replacement products,shell brand products,simulation products,and transferring after-sale service products.To protect your rights,please identify seriously when choose goods.Following is the method to distinguish QUARRZ brand product.

  • Method one:Start up,machine will display in sequence:brand,model(such as QUARRZ,AU-300S)
  • Method two:After starting up,press ZERO button and B button at the same time,the machine will display in sequence:brand:model,factory number.of which information correspond to the one marked on machine.
  • Method three:Check security code that generate automatically by machine number.

Technical Specification:


Standard deviation0.005g0.005g0.01g0.01g0.001g0.001g
Densityreadability0.001 g/cm30.0001 g/cm3
Testing boardABS injection mouldingAluminum alloy die-casting moulding
Density range0.001~99.999g/cm30.0001~99.9999g/cm3
Porosity resolution0.1%0.01%
Result displayingPorosity,density,total volume,open pore volume,closed pore volume
Measuring principleArchimedes principle buoyancy method
Measuring timeAbout 5 seconds

Opening lid

method for

testing board

Unobstructed without lifting lid design
Water tankCompleted injection moulding transparent PC water tank(size:length15.3 cm×witdth10.7 cm×height9.3cm)
Parameter settingWater temperature setting,measuring medium density setting,steeping liquor density setting,air buoyancy compensation setting
Calibration methodSingle key calibration,automatically testing
Standard comonents

(1) host(2)water tank(3)testing board(4)tweezers(5)thermometers

(6)weight(7)windproof dustproof cover(8)power transformer

interfaceStandard RS-232 interface
Optional accessoriesAU-40 printer,data connecting wire
Power supplyAC100V~240V 50HZ/60HZ (Europe standard)
Gross weight/size4.5kg/Length42.5 cm×Width17.5 cm×Height32.5cm



Tips-How to do weights calibration:


(1) Turn on machine,screen displaying 0.000.press 【ZERO】return zero if without showing 【0.000】.

(2) In 【0.000】status, Long-press 【ZERO】till shows up 【CAL】.

(3) Which means it is entering into calibration mode.several seconds later it will automatically show 【100.000】 【200.000】along with flickering constantly.place 100g,200g weights onto the centre of measuring bridge.the machine will do calibration automatically.when screen display 【END】firstly,then display【100.000】【200.000】.it indicate the calibration is done.

(4) Take down the weights,the machine will return to measuring mode automatically and display 【0.000】.


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