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Address: No.8 Tianshan Rd,Changzhou city,Jiangsu,China

Contact name:Amigo Deng


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Changzhou OWO international trading Co.,Ltd was established by three manufacturers in 2017, our main products:DC motor drivers and controllers,brushless DC water pumps,industrial electrical products and automotive parts & accessories.

60% of our products are produced by our Production-oriented founders,our products are stable and reliable performance with powerful technical support, so we can offer comprehensive product solutions to our clients with competitive development ability.we are specialized and experienced inindustrial electrical products,we have our own superb core technology and mature product line,even we have our own OEM controlling microchip. as most of OWO products are directly come from the manufacturers (our founders),our products are more competitive pricing,more powerful developing ability,faster response and professional service.



OWO's aim is integrating the advantage resources of the manufacturers for unified overseas marketing management and offering professional service.we have 6 functional departments including international business department, engineering department, purchasing department, quality control department, logistics department and finance department,so we have complete managment system and reliable products to make our clients more satisfied,more than expected.

OWO's advantage:


powerful R&D ability, talent management, operation management, supply chain management, marketing development.

powerful R&D ability:
we have 8 professional-class engineers include 2 electronic harware engineers,2 electronic software engineers,2 electrical engineer and 2 products engineer be our powerful techincal support.we offering wide range industrial electronic products development.


Talent Management:

Absorb the talents, treasure the talents,improve the talents is our most important target to our talent managment,We satisfy diversified talent needs at their different developing periods.We provide wide development space and platform for our team members

Operation Management


Organization management:

Flat organization structure and business unit structure, high-efficiency for the benefit of customers.


Production quality management:

ISO quality management system. With strict internal quality control, we ensure that the product quality meet or exceed the international standard and far beyond our competitors. In this way, we create competitive advantages for our customers.


Spot supply mode:

most of our products are available from stock,2000 square meters warehouse to ensure off-the-shelf supply of fast moving products. And high-efficiency logistics to help customers shorten lead time and seize the opportunity


Supply Chain Management:

Professional supply chain system:

rich experience in supplier audit and evaluation. practical experience in supplier audit,strong cross-industry integration ability. To meet customers’ diversified demands, and to provide customers with a wide range of industrial products solutions.and provide the hard-to-find products based on the most advanced and sophisticated technology.


Abundant product categories:

Stick to vertical integration and horizontal integration product series.

Strong technical support:We invest in large number of R&D funds for the development of new products. With strong reversal design ability and technical requirements well above other competitors, we have gradually built up strong technical support from our manufacturers(our founders).


Marketing Ability:

Global marketing ability:Our sales team members are experienced in products knowledge and transaction operation,all of our team members are professional and dutiful at their position.

Market forecasting ability: Lead customer demands and create opportunities for customers to win market share.


OWO international: Offering What Optimized

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JYQD-V7.3E1 12V-36V brushless DC motor driver Specifications Operating Voltage DC 12V-36V Operating ...

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City: changzhou
Province: jiangsu
Country: china
Address: No.8 Tianshan Rd,Changzhou city,Jiangsu,China