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Precision CNC forged carbon steel / Metal Aluminium Forgings Machinery Spare Parts

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Precision CNC forged carbon steel / Metal Aluminium Forgings Machinery Spare Parts

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Precision CNC forged carbon steel / Metal  Aluminium Forgings Machinery Spare Parts




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Metal forging machine parts


machine equipment etc


Cost effective


Rosh ,iso9001:2008

Material Carbon steel  Process Forging 



How to make 

         In the simplest example of impression die forging, two dies are brought together and the workpiece undergoes plastic deformation until its enlarged sides touch the side walls of the die. 

        Then, a small amount of material begins to flow outside the die impression forming flash that is gradually thinned. 

         The flash cools rapidly and presents increased resistance to deformation and helps build up pressure inside the bulk of the workpiece that aids material flow into unfilled impressions.


        Fundamentally, impression die forgings produced on horizontal forging machines (upsetters) are similar to those produced by hammers or presses. Each is the result of forcing metal into cavities in dies which separate at parting lines.    






Parts are applied for: Sanitary / valve production

Gas technology

Heating technology

Welding / cutting technology

Construction industry

Soldering technology

Connecting technology

Measurement technology

Pump production

Regulating / controlling technology

Air-conditioning technology

Automotive electrics

Musical instruments

Fire safety

Drive systems

Apparatus construction


Medical industrial


Products show :


Specifications :

Material:  iron, gray iron, ductile iron, steel, stainless stee,l carbon steel, alloy 

Process:  sand casting ,investment casting ,die casting and so on 

Standard:  GB ,ASTM ,DIN ,JIS

Weight range: 5g-20KG

1) Material

Aluminum alloy 6061-T6, 5052, 7075 or stainless steel

2) Finishing and Treatment

Polishing, grinding, passivation, anodizing

3) Equipments involved

2sets 500 tons forging machines

4) Processes involved

CNC milling , tapping, forging , boring, EDM etc

5) Dimensional tolerance

±0.03mm or less

6) Geometric tolerance

±0.05mm or less

7) Roughness

Ra 0.025 or less

8) Production capacity

10,000pcs per month

9) Quality inspection



Inspection tool :


Competitive advantages:


  1. OEM service: No agents, no trading company, reduce all necessary cost for you. Direct     communication with our engineer.

  2. Professional team: 20 years foreign customers service experience. Over 10 years           investment casting manufacture.Almost 35% high educated people.

  3. Globally acceptabe quality: The products offered by us are thoroughly examined by our     experienced professionals to ensure their durability, reliability and long service         life. 

  4. Quality control : Full fledged QA department & ISO 9001 certification. 

  5. MOQ: 100 pcs is even acceptable in some special conditions



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