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Address: Research 5# building B site 21-11 room,the national university science park,Zhengzhou Hi-tech District,Henan Province,China

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Halnn superhard material Co.,Ltd.

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The predecessor of HALNN is Henan Super hard Material Institute. HALNN is a high-tech enterprise that specialized in the production of CBN cutting tools and other super hard material products, and the first R&D company focus on cutting tools for gray cast iron, all kinds of wear resistant cast iron/cast steel, harden steel materials in this industry. The main products PCBN cutting tools and solid CBN cutting tools have obtained several practical patents, especially in interrupted cutting of harden steel, Hi-Cr white cast iron etc, leading the world class level and enjoy a high reputation over the academia circles of super hard cutting tools. As a pioneer of domestic super hard cutting tools, HALNN is the most famous brand on hard material processing and high speed machining.
Based on the State Key Laboratory of super hard materials and Henan University of Science and Technology,
HALNN established its own R&D Center of super hard cutting tools, has undertaken and completed the national key project of “production-study-research” and the project of science and technology research on CBN products, and is implementing the national demonstration projects& the plan projects of “gem grade diamond products”.
In 2002, HENAN Super Hard Research Institute was established, CBN cutting tools and high grade diamond as the main research direction. There has 2 Ph.D, 3 professors, 5 associate professors, 12 R&D Doctor and master, owns cubic pressing machine and laser thermal conductivity meter and other large-scale equipment, with a total value of more than 18 million RMB.
At the end of 2013, HN10 CBN cutting tools used for machining high chromium white cast iron and chilled cast iron was promoted.
In 2004, HNC 10 CBN cutting tools used for finishing harden steel was promoted, and has been in the domestic PCBN cutting tools area leading position. In domestic first promoted the concept of roughing used “solid CBN inserts”, the product in roughing high chromium white cast iron rough areas made the industry unanimously approved. And as CBN cutting tool technology transfer and enterprise combining research cooperation mode, has made tremendous contributions for our super hard materials industry.
In 2005, HN 20 CBN cutting tools used for harden steel interrupted cutting was promoted, breaking the myth of CBN cutting tools couldn’t be used for heavy interrupted large allowance turning harden steel, which is the world breakthrough of CBN cutting tools industry.
In 2007, HN30 solid CBN inserts used for gray cast iron was promoted, breaking the foreign CBN cutting tools in the field of high speed machining gray cast iron monopoly.
In 2010, the first 1.7 carats Blue gem grade diamond was developed. So far, won 25 national patents.
In 2011, began to independent R & D and production of high-end polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting tools.
As a professional hard materials processing tool leader Halnn adheres adhering to the "dedication, innovation, efficiency, cooperation," business philosophy, unity of spirit, the spirit of enterprise and self-reliance, respect for science and technology, to create value, collaborative development, and create a respected brand in the world.



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Company Name: Halnn superhard material Co.,Ltd.
City: zhengzhou
Province: henan
Country: china
Address: Research 5# building B site 21-11 room,the national university science park,Zhengzhou Hi-tech District,Henan Province,China