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Shaoxing Libo Electric Co., Ltd

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Address: Pingshui Industrial Area, Shaoxing 312050, Zhejiang Province, China

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Shaoxing Libo Electric Co., Ltd

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As known to all, Shaoxing is a place propitious for giving birth to great men and a place endowed with the fine spirits of the universe. The towering Jishan Mountain and flowing Jianshui River nurture the prosperous civilization of this famous historic and cultural city.


About 2500 years ago, Pingshui at the foot of Kuaijishan Mountain had been the manufacturing base of bronze weapons for the ancient kingdom of Yue. Stories of Rizhu Mountain that got the name from the sword-casting in one day by Ou Yezi, as well as the Sanzao (Three Furnances) of Shangzao, Zhongzao and Xiazao, have been widely told by generations. Now, relying on the innovative technology and ideas and top-class quality, Libo Group of Shaoxing is leading the new trend of copper and aluminum processing.


Libo Group is a nationally recognized Hi-Tech Enterprise specializing in copper and aluminum processing, electronic wire and cable, machinery manufacturing, new energy materials and real estate development, including 12 subsidiaries and 2000 employees. It is one of the 500 largest private enterprises in China and has been awarded Advanced Labor and Social Security Enterprise and a Key and Major Enterprise in Shaoxing. “Libo” has been the Well-known Trademark of China.


Libo Cable is subsidiary of Libo Group, it is specialized in the manufacturing of physical-foamed RF coaxial cable, seamless aluminum tube trunk cable, leaky feeder cable, solar PV ribbon and cable. With the advanced physical high-foam production lines and continuous-extruding seamless aluminum tube production lines, it now possesses the yearly capacity of 60,000 km of coaxial cables, with the world-class quality. Products have been certified by UL and CE and exported to European and American market. The solar PV ribbon and cable makes use of the oxygen-free copper strip as the blank and it possesses the excellent electric conductivity and favorable solder ability and flexibility, which has been favored by the majority of users.

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Company Name: Shaoxing Libo Electric Co., Ltd
City: shaoxing
Province: zhejiang
Country: china
Address: Pingshui Industrial Area, Shaoxing 312050, Zhejiang Province, China