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Address: Room 1211, No.2, Hongjun Building, Longmen East Rd, Beichen District,Tianjin 300400, China

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Tianjin ASO Organic Foods Co.,Ltd.

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Tianjin ASO Organic Foods Co., Ltd. (ASOF group) is one of the biggest leading diversified exporter and manufacturer, our team specialized in producing organic and health products from 1997. ASOF group operates at the heart of the agricultural industry with activities that stretch from field to fork. Its unique breadth and experience enable it to add value all along the foods industry chains.



ASOF group covers more than 12 major industries as below:

« Organic and GF Pulse Pasta

« Organic and GF Various Bean Pasta/Noodle

« Organic and GF Soup Noodle

« Organic and GF Rice Noodle

« Organic and GF Rice Pasta

« Organic and GF Rice Pad Thai Noodle

« Organic and GF Noodle

« Organic Dry Noodle

« Non-Fried Soup Noodle

« Fried quick Noodle

« Health Vermicelli


Organic Dry Noodle factory has been established in the 1910s in a scenic town. Surrounded by wheat filed, the people of noodle have always held an unwavering respect for farming tradition to produce the superb noodle for the local markets. Over than 100 years development, the facilities today is one of the most modernized in all of China with state-of-the-art machinery and laboratories. It produces noodle with a capacity of over three thousand tons per month.


Production Techician specialized in organic industry from 1997, which focus on producing of organic and gluten free pasta and noodle with organic soybean, black bean, edamame, chickpea, lentil, mung bean, pea, black rice, red rice, brown rice to process different shapes pasta and noodle, become available more than 36 countries in the world, and still keeping continue expanding for its nourishing, vegetarian, gluten free, Non-GMO and Organic.


ASOF founded quick instant noodle and nest noodle factories in the 1980s. In particular nest quick instant noodle is hand crafted, pure spring water, slow drying, which is produced from our heart to your fork.


Over years, ASOF group is specializing in authentic and ethnic healthy and organic products to help our customers create delicious foods.Today, ASOF is constantly adding to our portfolio to bring the latest, most innovative and highest quality products to worldwide consumers.


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Company Name: Tianjin ASO Organic Foods Co.,Ltd.
Bussiness Type: Manufacturer,Exporter,Trading Company
Market: North America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Oceania
City: tianjin
Province: tianjin
Email: sales@asofoods.com
Fax: 86-22-26805826
Country: china
Address: Room 1211, No.2, Hongjun Building, Longmen East Rd, Beichen District,Tianjin 300400, China