Thin Wall Aluminum Collapsible Tubes Big Volume Light Weight For Cosmetic Gel

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Thin Wall Aluminum Collapsible Tubes Big Volume Light Weight For Cosmetic Gel

Country/Region china
City & Province zhongshan guangdong
Categories Protective Packaging

Product Details

Thin-wall Aluminum Tube Packaging Collapsible for Cosmetic Gel in Big Volume M15 Thread


Regarding to the packaging tubes, if others can make it, we can make it happen too with satisfied service, quality and more competitive prices.
Junsam can provide the perfect package to enhance your trusted brand.


JunSam supplies Thin-wall Aluminum Tube Packaging in various diameters:


Aluminum Collapsible Tubes Diameters and Volume
Diameter (mm)Length (mm)Volume / Capacity (ml)
13.555~865~8 (eye ointment, other ophthalmonogy ointment, lip balm etc.)
1661~10710~15 (glue, adhesive, grease, rubber, lubricant, pharmaceutical ointment etc.)
1957~12615~25 (pharmaceutical ointment, rubber, lubricant etc.)
2294~13325~35 (cosmetic, hand cream, pharmaceutical etc.)
2589~15030~50 (cosmetic, hand cream, hair coloring cream, hair colorant etc.)
28140~14560 (cosmetic, hair dyeing cream, hand cream etc.)
30120~18050~100 (hair dyeing cream, cosmetic, hand cream etc.)
32165~180100~120 (personal care, shaving cream, shoe polish etc. )
35165~170120 (food, pet food, pet nutrition, mustart, chocolate, salad etc.)


Basic information about the Aluminum Tube:


1- raw Material: aluminum slug or flake of purity>99.7%

2- internal lacquer antioxidize material, bottom latex

3- nozzle Design: with membrane, open end, elongate nozzle, based on the customers' requirements
3- ultraviolet sterilizationTube

4- shoulder: flat, brushed, polished, ringed or lacquered


Aluminum Packaging Tubes are ideal packaging for pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, toothpastes, paints, adhesives, lubricants,

and other applications.


Options for inner lacquer and bottom latex:



• Lacquered
• Wax coated
• Latex lined, or not applied per your request, width & thickness can be adjusted
• Plain extruded
• Coated white or other colors per your design, to achieve the perfect printing effect
• Printed (1 - 6 colours)


Quality warranty:

Quality flaw without commitment is zero tolerance in our company.

Damage of tubes due to improper loading or packing will be compensated with customers' evidence.

We will re-produce the shipment if our products are not consistent with customers' approval items.


Application / Usage range of the Aluminum Packaging Tube:
Toiletries and cosmetics
• Toothpaste
• Shaving cream
• Medicated toothpaste
• Gel toothpaste
• Cold cream
• Washing cream
• Shampoos
• Herbal cosmetics
• Creams
• Ointments
• Gels for eyes, skin, etc…
Adhesives and rubber solutions
• Adhesives
• Cyano-acrylates
• Rubber solutions
• Lubricants
Paints and Inks
• Duplication inks
• Colour paints
• Oil Colours
• Water Colours
Food products
• Butter
• Cheese spread
• Honey
• Condensed milk
• Tomato Ketchup
• Jams and jellies



Free samples are available with our design, OEM samples will require sample fee


Lead time: 

5~7 days for samples

20~25 days for bulk production


Closure: screw caps or s(top-slip) caps, long nozzle cap, mushroom cap, flip top cap, various designs of caps for options
Color: can be customized, any colors are available, max 6 colors offset printing
Price term: EX work, FOB, CIF, CNF

Payment term: negotiable

We always are willing to provide benefit to those respective customers


Advantage of Aluminum Packing Tubes as packaging:
* Easy availability: aluminium source is abundant in China, which makes it the pretty competitive price.
* Economical: Costs less than Tin or lead tubes. Needs no varnish.
* User convenience: Easy to use, unbreakable, easy to carry, light in weight, hygienic.* Tamper-proof: Makes adulteration impossible. The aluminum tube does not suck back, and it cannot be re-filled or re-used.
* Protective: Contents remain well protected and free from contamination.
* Elegant: Attractive Possess a bright surface and lend themselves to trouble-free printing, this enhances shelf and customer appeal.
* Non-toxic & Hygienic: Non -Toxic, hygienic, non-absorbent, Impart no taste, flavor, odor or color to contents.
* Lightweight: Easy to handle. Reduces transport and handling cost.
* Complete collapsibility: Highly ductile, ensures complete collapsibility.


Bacteria Inspection: anaerobic bacteria≤100cfu/pcs, mycete/saccharomycetes≤100cfu/, pcs, none of staphylococcus, aureus / Pseudomonas


Tube wall toughness: ≤22mm


Production ability:

Yearly 0.15 billion pieces at average


Packaging way:

Reinforced and ultra-thick paper corrugated carton, plastic pallet is provided with customer's request.



We've been supplying and exporting the Aluminum Squeezed Tubes for over 10 years, and we are happy to provide suggestion to you

for the best solutions regarding to your packaging needs or sea shipment option.

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