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Aiwei Functional Textile Co., Ltd

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Address: Baoyunjiayuan, Jianhua Street, Lianchi District, Baoding,Hebei

Contact name:Anne Wang

Aiwei Functional Textile Co., Ltd

About Us

Aiwei Functional Textile Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer for silver fiber and metal conductive fabrics since 2003, our location is in Baoding, Hebei, China.


Our main products is RFID blocking fabric, anti radiation fabric, conductive fabric, anti emr, emf, EMI fabric, silver fiber fabric, metal fiber fabric, metal fabric, nickel copper fabric, EARTHING SHEET FABRIC, silver coated conductive yarn, antibacterial fabric, antibacterial yarn...., and their made-up articles.

They are widely used in electrical industry, emf shielding curtains, bed sheet, rfid shieldng bags, clothing and underwear for protection etc.


Our products have been exported to Europe and America, South and East Asia, and Australian countries. We have long-term cooperations with multiple specific processing factories and research and development section. So we can serve the customers with the best product, service and price.



Hot Products

antistatic anti radiation 30% metal fiber fabric in differnt colors, 30DB attenuation Specifications...
anti emr/emf/emi silver fiber fabric for military tents width:1.5m compostion:50%silver fiber weight...
anti electromagnetic radiation 100%nano-silver fiber fabric width:1.5m compostion:100%silver fiber ...
emf shielding curtains, emf protection fabric, anti EMR radiation mosquito net fabric, electromagnet...
emi/emf shielding silver mesh fabric 30DB attenuation Characteristics: Composition: 100% silver ...
mobile phone radiation protection fabric nickel copper conductive fabric 80DB attnuation cheap price ...

Company info

Company Name: Aiwei Functional Textile Co., Ltd
City: baoding
Province: hebei
Country: china
Address: Baoyunjiayuan, Jianhua Street, Lianchi District, Baoding,Hebei