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PM10/PM2.5 filter holder need to be assembly on the shelter base pan of PM10/PM2.5 inlet , easy operate and assembly, brass screws, stainless steel housding, aluminum cover.

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Product name:PM10 /2.5 Filter Holder
Model Number:PM10-FL
Application:Outdoor air sampler
Assembly request:Match most brand electronic parts
Main Material:Aluminum Alloy, Stainless steel
Craft Process:Laser cutting ,bending
Surface treatment:grinded, anodized
Packing box meas.:34x26x24cm

The PM10-FL filter holder is an important part of your PM10/PM2.5 inlet system, and T4 Air Sampler is proud to offer it. Our filter holder is easy to use and put together, making it easy for professionals to take air samples.

Seamless Assembly and Compatibility

Designed to be easily assembled on the shelter base pan of PM10/PM2.5 inlets, the PM10-FL filter holder ensures a secure and reliable fit. With brass screws, stainless steel housing, and an aluminum cover, our filter holder is built for durability and compatibility with various inlet systems.

Expertise and Dedication

At T4 Air Sampler, we've been committed to delivering high-quality metal spinning accessories, air sampler metal housing customization, and indoor decorative lamps since 2002. Our 20-year history in the industry and expansive 6000-square-meter facility, housing four workshops, demonstrate our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Quality You Can Rely On

Our team has a lot of experience making metal-spun lighting, and we also offer one-stop OEM services for a variety of metal-spun parts. This has made us a trusted supplier for top-tier brands. With over 15 years of experience in producing PM2.5 and PM10 high volume air sampler metal housing, we've established ourselves as an industry leader, offering full set production equipment and unparalleled expertise.

A Perfect Match for Your Air Sampler System

The PM10-FL filter holder is made to fit perfectly with your air sampler system, no matter what brand of cabinet you have. Its user-friendly design and high-quality materials make it easy and quick to put together, making it easier to take air samples.

Don't Settle for Less

At T4 Air Sampler, we know how important it is to have solutions for air sampling that are accurate and reliable. That's why our PM10-FL filter holder is designed with your needs in mind, providing a top-quality product that enhances the performance of your air sampler system.

In Conclusion

The PM10-FL filter holder from T4 Air Sampler is a great way to improve your air sampler system today. Our dedication to quality and expertise in the industry guarantees a reliable, easy-to-assemble product that perfectly complements your PM10/PM2.5 inlet system. Don't settle for less - experience the difference of T4 Air Sampler's products and take your air sampling to the next level.

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