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Galvanized steel Scaffolding Custom Roll Forming Machine 55KW

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Galvanized steel Scaffolding Custom Roll Forming Machine 55KW

Country/Region china
City & Province jiangsu
Categories Scaffoldings

Product Details

Galvanized steel Scaffolding roll forming machine sizes quickly change hydraulic punching holes full automatic

Features of Scaffolding Roll forming machine

The Scaffolding Roll Forming Machine has many advantages: good compressive strength and flatness; automatic measurement, cutting and stamping.
Scaffolding is a working platform set up to ensure the smooth progress of each construction process. Scaffolding has the characteristics of multi-function, high efficiency, versatility, large bearing capacity, safe and reliable, easy to manage and easy to transport. It is commonly used in various construction sites to ensure the safety of construction workers.

Process Flow 

Uncoiler --- leveling--- punching--- roll forming--- cutting --- output

Profile drawing

Technical Data

Max Material Thickness2- 4mm
Hydraulic Uncoiler5T
PunchingHydraulic pre-punching
Mould MaterialCr12Mov
Rolling Speed10m/ min
Roller Stations18 stations
Roller MaterialGcr15, quench treatment hardness 55-60
Shaft45# steel
Shaft diameter9595mm
Main Motor Power55kw
Side structureMemory archway
Hydraulic Power15 kw
Blade MaterialCr12Mov
Tolerance+- 1.5mm
Electric Source

380V, 50HZ,

3 phase(customized)

PLC Control SystemPanasonic

Main Items

1Hydraulic uncoiler1
3Hydraulic Punching1
4Main Roll Forming Machine1
5PLC Control Box1
6Hydraulic Pump Station1
7Output Table2

Main machine pictures


Scaffolding has a wide range of applications across various industries, providing a temporary and elevated work platform for workers to perform tasks safely and efficiently. Here are some common applications of scaffolding

Construction and Building Maintenance:Scaffolding is extensively used in the construction industry to provide a stable platform for workers to access elevated areas of a building or structure during construction, maintenance, or repair work. It is commonly employed for tasks such as painting, plastering, bricklaying, roofing, and window installation.

Renovation and Restoration:During renovation or restoration projects, scaffolding is used to reach and access different parts of a building, especially when traditional ladders or lifts may not be practical.

Bridge and Infrastructure Projects:Scaffolding is crucial for constructing, repairing, or maintaining bridges and other infrastructure projects where elevated access is required.

Shipbuilding and Repair:In shipyards, scaffolding is used to provide a safe working platform for shipbuilders and repair crews. It allows workers to access different levels of the vessel for construction, maintenance, or repair work.

Event Staging and Production:Scaffolding is utilized in the entertainment industry for constructing temporary stages, lighting rigs, and platforms during events, concerts, and performances.

Film and Television Production:Scaffolding is employed to build structures for film sets and outdoor scenes. It provides a stable platform for cameras, lighting equipment, and crew members.

Power Plant and Industrial Maintenance:In industrial settings, scaffolding is used for maintenance and repair work on large machinery, tanks, and structures within power plants, refineries, and manufacturing facilities.

Oil and Gas Industry:Scaffolding is crucial for accessing equipment and structures in the oil and gas industry, including drilling rigs, refineries, and offshore platforms.

Temporary Structures:Scaffolding is employed to create temporary structures, such as viewing platforms, grandstands, and support structures for temporary events.

Emergency and Rescue Operations:In emergency situations or rescue operations, scaffolding can be quickly deployed to provide access to elevated areas, aiding in rescue and recovery efforts.

Maintenance of Historical Structures:Scaffolding is often used in the restoration and maintenance of historical buildings and monuments, allowing workers to access intricate architectural details safely.


1. Q: What's the warranty period? (24hours online)

12 months warranty period, starting from the date of the successful installation and commissioning of the equipment at the Buyer’s Installation site. During which all parts damaged because of quality problem will be changed for free.

2. Q: Do you have installation and commissioning service?

A: If buyers come to our factory to inspect, the training to install and operate is provided face to face. If not, manual and video is provided to show how to install and operate.

B: If buyer need we will send technician to buyer site to do installation and commissioning and training.

C: installation and commissioning cost: One engineer will visit Buyer’s workshop for installing, commission and training. The buyer has to pay USD100 per day and visa fee, air tickets fee, accommodation and food, necessary communication, etc.

(Normally ,It takes about a week to install )

3. Q: What’s your after-sales service ?

We provide 24-hour online service for our customers.

And we are happy to give advice and also have skilled technicians available to maintain the machine overseas to customers’ workshop if needed.

4. Q: What's your delivery time ?

Normally we can finish production and testing within 45-70 days after receiving deposit. Some machines in stock, can be delivered at any time

5. Q: You are trading company or factory?

We are Manufacturer, and we export our machine by ourselves.

6. Q: Do you provide customized machine?

Sure, we can design the machine according to the requirement and profile drawing you provide. Our engineers can offer the best professional solution to our worldwide clients.

7. Q: How to visit your factory?

We are in jiangyin city,belongs to Jiangsu province, near Shanghai. If you

arrive at Shanghai Airport,we can pick you up(It is 160 kilometers from

Pudong Airport, about 3 hours.

It's 110 kilometers from Hongqiao airport, about 2 hours; It's 125 kilometers from downtown Shanghai about two and a half hours.

It is very convenient.Please let me know if you have booked the tickets

so that I can prepare and book a hotel for you,we will arrange for car to pick you up.

By high speed train from Shanghai to East Wuxi (Wuxi Dong station), half an hour.

8. Q: How to place order ?

Inquiry---confirm the profile drawings and technical specification and price--- confirm the PI--- arrange the deposit or L/ C--- start production-- do inspection--- Shipment

9. Q: What certificate do you have ?

We have CE and ISO certificate.

10. Q: What are your terms of payment ?

First payment: 40 % by T/ T, second payment: 60% by T/ T, after the successful inspection at seller’s workshop, and before delivery.

11. Q: What can you do if the machine breaks down?

We have 12 months warranty period, if the broken parts can not be repaired, we will send new parts to replace the broken for free.But if the warranty period is over,you need to pat the express fee.We can solve problems through negotiation and provide technical support for the whole life of equipment .

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