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8x8 Mm Aperture Metal Ring Mesh Curtains For Space Divider And Flexible Partition

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8x8 Mm Aperture Metal Ring Mesh Curtains For Space Divider And Flexible Partition

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Product Details

8x8 Mm Aperture Metal Ring Mesh Curtains For Space Divider And Flexible Partition

Qucik Details Of Metal Ring Mesh Curtains :

Material:stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum alloy, low carbon steel, etc.
Wire diameter:0.8 mm - 1.2 mm.Aperture size:4mm - 8 mm
Open area:40% - 85%Thickness:3.6mm
Weight:1.6kg/m2 - 6 kg/m2. (depending on material and size chosen)


Metal Ring Mesh Curtains Product Introduce :


1.Aluminum alloy metal mesh curtain:

has many advantages, such as at room

temperature does not fall off, high

temperature 120°C does not fade, anti-acid

and anti-alkali, corrosion resistance, not

react with oxidants, suitable for humid

environment, not rust or mildew, light

weight, has good toughness and high strength.

2.Stainless steel metal mesh curtain:

the surface is smooth,no rust,corrosion

resistance, non-toxic, health, environmental



Metal Ring Mesh Curtains Specification :


Metal Ring Mesh Curtain Materials and Weights
MaterialWire diameter(mm)Aperture(mm)Theoretical weight(kg/m2)Surface treatment
AISI 304/316153.3Natural polished
Al-Mg Alloy1.241.9paint-spray / Anodizing
Carbon Steel0.96.34


Metal Ring Mesh Curtain Pic:


Metal coil drapery is also named metal mesh curtain. It is one of the most popular metal curtains for

architectural decoration. In most cases, metal coil drapery is made of stainless steel or aluminum, but it

can also be made with aluminum alloy or copper. Metal coil drapery is widely used in interior and exterior

architectural decoration.

When used metal mesh curtain as decoration, it looks like a whole piece, Due to the luxurious and practical

features, the metal mesh curtain has been chosen as today's decoration style by many more designers.

The color can be metallic original color , bronze, ebony black, purplish red and other colors, width, height

can be set arbitrarily. Contact us order the colors and sizes !


Metal Ring Mesh Curtain Feature :


Metal Coil Drapery Metal Mesh Curtain Feature :

1: Light diffusion and good ventilation
2: UV resistant and flame resistance
3: Beautiful appearance and various color option
4: Excellent Aesthetic appeal and functionality
5: Color never fading and paint never dropping
6: Gorgeous and chic elegant appearance
7: Good durability and flexibility
8: Unlimited creativity and artistic aesthetic


Metal Ring Mesh Curtain  Application :


Space divider.
• Wall decoration. • Ceiling decoration. • Window curtain.
• Handrail balustrade. • Elevator cab mesh Facade cladding.
• Glass laminated wire. • Sunshade screen. • Security door.
• elevator cabins screen. • Floor covering fabrics

Wire mesh facades.
• Shade screens. • Architecture ceilings. • Metal draperies for walls.
• Partition and isolation screens. • Staircases isolation screen.


XiangYi Company Advantages :


1.pattern design support according to the application

2. frame design support according to the installation

3. surface treatments support , include PVDF, PVD, Spraying.

4. supply install accessories, include screw, wall anchor, track, bolt and others

5.Material: stainless steel, copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, aluminum alloy, etc.

6.Weave type: plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave, plain dutch weave, twill dutch weave, unique woven

method, etc.

7.ISO9001-2008 Quality certification management system

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