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HVAC SS304 Ss316 Pipe Strut Cushion Clamps Pneumatic Refrigeration

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HVAC SS304 Ss316 Pipe Strut Cushion Clamps Pneumatic Refrigeration

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Product Details

HVAC SS304 Cushion Pipe Clamps For Rigid Steel Conduit For Pneumatic Refrigeration​


Products:Cushion Clamp

Cushion clamp Channel mounted clamping systems are ideal for multiple line runs, while absorbing shock and vibration, reducing unwanted noise and preventing galvanic corrosion.Cushion clamp fits any standard 1-5/8 wide channel.

Pipe Channel Cushion Clamps are ideal for multiple line runs. They absorb shock and vibration, reduce unwanted noise and prevent galvanic corrosion. The time-saving clamps install quickly and allow additional tubes or pipes to be added without disassembling the existing installation.




1) Available in stainless steel on special order.
2) Other sizes on special order are available.
3) Clamps are manufactured from cold-rolled low-carbon steel with galvanized finish.


Cushion clamps are typically used in pneumatic refrigeration, HVAC, and some low pressure hydraulic lines. cushion clamps also eliminate metal to metal contact between the fluid lines and the support hardware. Standard material for the hardware is a clear trivalent zinc-plated steel, with options for both 304 and 316 grades stainless steel. Additional special options include aluminum and powder coating.

Cushion clamps provide protection against shock, vibration, noise and temperature to ensure your pipes aren't damanged.



Part No.Tubing SizePipe SizePipe OD (inch)Finish
CC-1/41/4”-0.25GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-3/83/8”-0.37GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-1/21/2”-0.5GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-1/4-P-1/4”0.54GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-5/85/8”-0.62GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-3/8-P-3/8”0.67GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-3/43/4”-0.75GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-1/2-P-1/2”0.84GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-7/87/8”-0.87GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-11”-1.00GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-3/4-P-3/4”1.05GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-1 1/81-1/8”-1.12GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-1 1/41-1/4”-1.25GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-1-P-1”1.31GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-1 3/81-3/8”-1.37GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-1 1/21-1/2”-1.50GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-1 5/81-5/8”-1.62GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-1 1/4-P-1-1/4”1.66GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-1 3/41-3/4”-1.75GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-1 7/81-7/8”1-1/2”1.90GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-22”-2.00GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-2 1/82-1/8”-2.12GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-2 1/42-1/4”-2.25GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-2 3/82-3/8”2”2.37GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-2 1/22-1/2”-2.50GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-2 5/82-5/8”-2.62GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-2 7/82-7/8”2-1/2”2.87GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-33”-3.00GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-3 1/83-1/8”-3.12GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-3 1/23-1/2”3”3.50GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-3 5/83-5/8”-3.62GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-4 1/84-1/8”-4.12GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-4 1/24-1/2”4”4.50GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316
CC-66”-6.00GOLD ZINC/EG/HDG/SS304/SS316


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Aubout Koka

Shanghai KoKa Industrial Co.,Ltd is professional China Products Manufacturers and Products Suppliers. We have been devoting ourselves in the products of construction,we have cable management systems (CMS) & Strut channel systems & Pipe support system and HVAC systems solutions provider and factory.

Based on over 15 years of engineering experience to the subways, airports, shopping malls, food, beverage, construction, electricity, new energy, petrochemical, mechanical engineering and pharmaceutical industries, the KOKA production has become a respected and specified brand to some of the world's most recognised organisations.

KOKA is the ideal solution for cable support system.

KOKA takes pride in building long term partnerships with clients that ensure a superior service and provider highest quality products.

KOKA products are known throughout the industry as being hygienic, high quality and to offer exceptional value.

KOKA offer an extensive range of products ex-stock and can therefore process your orders with a short lead time, with the majority of parts available on a next day delivery.

KOKA specialises in manufacturing the following products in SS304 , SS316 ,carbon steel,Special plastic .

KOKA to provide personalized demand and global sourcing solutions for global customers,always adhere to the product quality first,continuous development and optimization design, with user-friendly, simple installation to satisfied customer needs, and strive to reduce customer costs, to adapt to the global competition, With global customers to cope with the complex economic environment, to achieve common value growth of the target.

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