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30kw Welding Induction Brazing Machine Portable Electric Drill High Frequency

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30kw Welding Induction Brazing Machine Portable Electric Drill High Frequency

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Product Details

30kw Copper And Brass Tube Semi Automatic High Frequency Induction Brazing Welding Machine


1. high frequency Induction Brazing Welding Machine:

The impact drill is for clamping on the impact drill to drill concrete foundations, walls, brick walls, and granite, so that fasteners such as expansion bolts and plastic expansion pipes can be installed in the holes. During the working process, the impact drill bit is quickly worn out due to long-term frictional force, so we often use high-frequency induction heating power to perform welding heat treatment on the impact drill bit, and the effect is very good.

When the high-frequency induction heating power supply performs welding heat treatment on the impact drill, it is only necessary to place the welding piece between the drill and the base body, and no other operations are required. Only one person can complete the whole welding process, greatly Reduce the customer's investment in labor and reduce production costs.

2. Induction Brazing Equipment Brief Introduction :

Our induction brazing machine model is suitable to used for the brazing of circular saw and other tools, usually 4 to 9 seconds is needed to braze one diamond blade.

high frequency induction heating equipment is particularly suitable for heat treatment and quenching, melting, annealing, the metal through the heat forging, extrusion, welding, brazing.

3. Technical Parameters of LSW-30 Induction Brazing Equipment:

Working Voltage380V, 50/60HZ
Max input power30kw
Oscillation frequency25-40KHZ
Duty cycle100%
Cooling water flow25L/Min,0.15-0.2MPa
Dimension (L*W*H )690*290*600mm
Materialstainless steel
Colorsupport customized
Usagemetal heating, brazing,melting etc

4. Main characteristics of high frequency induction brazing welding machine:
1. Adoping MOSFGT and IGBT inverting device, tracking frequency automatically
2. High frequency, heated quickly, its power consumption is only 20%~30% of eletronic tube induction heating machine and other heating style.
3. Security and reliability, the equipment have the secure voltage and it's secure to operate
4. Manual, automatic regulating automatically, it can protect itself from over voltage, over current, lack of water, phase fail, over hot, etc
5. It has no open-fire, noise and pollution, be suit for the environmental protection and fire, improve the image of the company
6. Recommend usage: Weld, forging, hot cooperate, melting, quenching, anneat etc
7. Simple Installation: Power connection, water connection, switch the power on , no need professional work to install.

5. Advantages of high frequency induction brazing / welding machine:
1. It has three-time setting function of heating, heat preservation and cooling, and the heating and heatpreservation power is separately adjusted, which can effectively control the heating curve and heatingtemperature to a certain extent.
2. the function is perfect, including over-current, over-voltage, under-water, lack of equal fault state protectionand display, providing higher reliability and durability.
3. the operation is simple, the output of the device is a safe voltage, and will not hurt personal safety.
4. 100% full load design, can work 24 hours a day.

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