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Zinc Automatic Galvanizing Plant 1.0mm 2.2mm 300mm 90000TPY Steel Metal

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Zinc Automatic Galvanizing Plant 1.0mm 2.2mm 300mm 90000TPY Steel Metal

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Hot Dip Galvanizing (Aluminizing) Technology --- JJRS-Sendzimir

Hot dip galvanizing galvanizing Line 1.0~2.2mm*300mm 90,000TPY ( steel metal)


Beijing JJRS Technology Development Co., Ltd. registered in national high tech park-Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, is high-tech enterprise specialized in the complete set of metallurgical equipments, intensive processing of steel strip and metal surface coating engineering project, with the integration of mechanism, optics, electric and hydraulic pressure.


The galvanizing process has been refined and enhanced over the last 200 years. It represents the absolute best way to protect steel and ensure long-lasting, corrosion-free performance. Less costly than materials such as stainless steel and aluminum, galvanized steel delivers a significantly lower life cycle cost and requires no appreciable coating maintenance once installed.


Consolidating the advantages of the traditional technology " Improved Sendzimir" and "United States Steel Corp", and integrating the independently researched and developed regenerative nozzle and waste heat efficient recycling technology, the technology R&D team of Beijing JJRS Technology Development Co.,Ltd, launched a new generation of steel strip continuous annealing hot dip galvanizing process contrl technology based its latest self-designed process control technology by in-depth study and analysis, which is named as " JJRS-Sendzimir".


Two Core of " JJRS-Sendzimir"

Compared with the traditional technology, " JJRS-Sendzimir" method can greatly increase productivity. For its:

  • High temperature flame on-time heating technology: In the heating furnace, steel strips from the normal temperature of 20 C can be heated directly to the re-crystallization temperature zone of strip steel in the non-oxidation atmosphere.
  • Zero heat preservation and energy saving concept: On the premise of guaranteeing the annealing and restoration effects, heat energy can be reasonably allocated, steel strip heating is conducted as far as possible in the flame heating section of high thermal efficiency to shorten the length of reduction section, so as to improve productivity as much as possible and reduce the manufacturing and operation cost of spare parts.


NameExcellence Hot dip galvanizing Line
ApplicationBuilding Material
Zinc Coating30-300g/m2


Componententry looper etc.


KeywordExcellence Hot dip galvanizing Line
ProcessHot dip
Coil Materialsteel metal ss cs
MaterialHot rolled coil, cold rolled coil



Services Commitments:


No matter what kinds of products and services, only condition that being sold by JJRS, either production line, single equipment, component, spare parts, or technology service etc., perfect and timely after-sale service will surely be provided. Which is to say, when you use the high quality products of us, simultaneously you will enjoy perfect and timely after-sale service.

For this aim, we formally announce the following commitment:

1.Quality warranty: 1 year, within this period, you can enjoy technical supports from our appointed engineers; meanwhile, free repair and replacement will be provided by our technicians regarding the defects of equipment design, manufacture and quality;

2.Lifetime maintenance: we will provide lifetime maintenance service for all sold products, at the same time, provide spare parts at the cost prices;

3.Service visit periodically: even after warranty, periodical service visits will be arranged for routine checks, with the object to know the operation status and maintenance of equipments, and instruct if necessary;

4.Failure treatment: if any failure occurs regarding equipment, when being acknowledged by the customer, reply will be made within 6 hours, technicians will be sent to the site within 24 hours if necessary;

5.Spare parts: considering the easy consuming components and parts in the production process, spare parts warehouse has already set up, which can response the needs of clients in time;

6.Value added services: we will help clients to update the relevant technologies associated with our products.

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