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Large Optical Fiber Welding Machine Fiber Fusion Splicer MS-XL

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Large Optical Fiber Welding Machine Fiber Fusion Splicer MS-XL

Country/Region china
City & Province wuhan
Categories Plastic Processing Machinery

Product Details

Product features

♦Short cutting length welding capacity

♦Special discharge calibration technology

♦Fiber profile data memory function

♦has the function of online welding to optimize melting loss

♦can be battery powered, support outdoor work


Product application

♦Optical fiber device production and testing

♦Production and manufacture of Optical fiber laser


Product specification

 Diameter of fiber cladding Ф125-500um
 Diameter of optical fiber   coating layer Ф250-2000um
 Optical fiber number Fuse a single optical fiber
 Fiber cutting length Crimping bare optical fiber: 3 to 9 mm   (standard value: 9 mm)


Typical weld loss

 SMF 0.03dB
 MMF 0.02dB


Typical weld time

 SMF/MMF 15 seconds
 NZDSF/LDF 25 seconds
 Return loss >>60dB
 Optical fiber pressure   Angle Automatically adjusts according to the optical   fiber cladding size
 Electrode life Discharge 2500 times (typical value,   corresponding to G652 fiber fusion)
 Tensile tests 1.96-2.45N
 Magnification 50-300
 Automatic start welding   function Provide
 Welding mode Standard, manual, power meter, attenuation   mode, etc. 300
 Storage of welding results Can store the latest 10000 fusion results
 Whole machine size 240(L)*180(W)*163(H)mm
 Power supply mode

 Power adapter: DC13.5V / 4.5a

 Lithium battery: 10.8V / 20400mAh(MS-XL-B)

 Work environment humidity0~95 , temperature0~40℃
 Storage environment humidity0~95 , temperature-40~80℃

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