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Parallel Twin Screw Extruder , PVC Pipe Extruder Machine HYPS75 / 28

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Parallel Twin Screw Extruder , PVC Pipe Extruder Machine HYPS75 / 28

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong
Categories Plastic Processing Machinery Parts

Product Details

Parallel Twin Screw ExtruderHYPS75/28 For Pipe Or Profile Making
Parallel Twin Screw Extruder Condition of use
1. Parallel Twin Screw Extruder Technical features of whole line

SNTwo Screw Extruder Machine SpecificationTwo Screw Extruder Machine Description
1Suitable materialPVC powder
2Max. output380~420 kg/h for PVC pipe
3Operation directionFrom right to left
4Color of equipmentHYPET white color
5Control of whole productionRefer to the “configuration list”.
NoteExtrusion capacity will be changed according the processing material and working conditions

2. Parallel Twin Screw Extruder Circumstances condition

ConditionSpecificationTwo Screw Extruder Machine Description




Working placeIndoor use
Power sourceNo dangerous area
Humidity55-85% no condensation
Temperature0~40 ℃



Installation capacity50 kW
Power supply3P+N+PE
Voltage/Frequency380V/50Hz other can be option
Cooling waterTemperature≤18 ℃
Water pressure≥0.3MPa
Flow~5 m3/h
Air conditionCompressor air pressure≥0.6MPa
Flow~0.9 m3/min

Parallel Twin Screw Extruder Feature

  1. Screw has internal closed loop heat balancing system by means of distilled water
  2. The harden and ground gear box is made with German technology.
  3. Twin output shaft Helical Gear Box. Gears are hardened and ground. Both output shafts are integral with high capacity thrust bearings to absorb axial thrust generated during the extrusion process
  4. Gear box housing is made of high quality Ductile iron QT-500.
  5. Lubricating pump with Heat Exchanger, oil filter and oil flow indicator are provided for force lubrication of Thrust Gear box. The gears and bearings are forced lubricated. Gear box lube oil is circulated in a closed loop through heat exchanger to maintain optimum oil temperature in gearbox.
  6. Vacuum degassing system along with dust collector having bypass system & Vacuum pump.
  7. Quantitative feeding system with twin screw structure to avoid stagnant material.
  8. Plug & Socket for Die head heating zones, Connecting head & Melt temperature indicator.
  9. Display Of Heating current for each temperature zone, manual override on all zones in case of sensor failure.
  10. Other eclectic and pneumatic components are made in world famous brand such as from Japan, Siemens from Germany etc.

Parallel Twin Screw Extruder Following as parameters

Parts nameSpecificationDescription
ExtruderExtruder modelHYPS-75/28 Parallel twin screw
Center height1,000mm
Material38CrMoAlA + special alloy
FinishNitrogen-filled (0.50~0.70mm depth) and polish
Rotate speed45 r/min
Core of the screwAuto control for temperature
BarrelMaterial38CrMoAlA with bi-metal type
Inside finishNitrogen-filled (0.50~0.70mm depth) and rubbing
Heating control area5 areas
Heating wayCopper cooling fins with ceramic heater
Heating power24 kW
Cooling systemLow-noisy barrel cooling fan
Cooling power0.2 kW x 5 sets
Gear boxHousing materialDuctile iron QT-500
Gear material20CrMnTi
Gear surfaceHardened and ground in high precision
Axis material40Cr


Supplying material motor1.1 kW
Speed range1-50 RPM
Vacuum degas with selectorVacuum degree-0.004Mpa
Motor power1.5 kW
Driving motorAC motor power37 kW
AC inverter controllerABB
Electrical Control systemDetachable control panelPLC control system
Extra temperature zone for die head7 zones
Components brandSiemens, RKC, ABB, etc.
Note: digital control system can be optional.

Parallel Twin Screw Extruder Picture


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