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Xenon Lamp Accelerated Aging Test Chamber for Material Resistance

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Xenon Lamp Accelerated Aging Test Chamber for Material Resistance

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Product Details

Xenon Lamp Accelerated Aging Test Chamber for Material Resistance



Product Description

Equipment summary:

Xenon lamp aging testing chamber is a comprehensive climate testing machine, in addition to climatic aging test, the lightfastness of materials can be carried out to test, polymer materials exposed at simulated sunlight. It simulates thelight, temperature, rainfall, condensing, humidity to test the materials;it can beused for choosing new materials,improving existing materials, or assessment of change in material composition.


Technical parameter:

Testing room D×W×H500*600*500mm
IndexTemperature rangeRT+10℃~80℃
Humidity range65~98%R·H
Spray time1~9999min, adjustable
Spray cycle1-240min, interval adjustable
spectral wavelength290nm~800nm(60w/m2)
light sourcexenon lamp(air-cooled)
Xenon lamp power1kw,6kw(longevity:1600H)


and humidity


Time controllerImport controller from Moeller
Accurate rangeTemperature: ±0.1℃,/ humidity: ±0.1℃R·H
SensorPlatinum resistance Pt100Ω/mv
Heating systemIndependent system, nickel chromium alloy electric heating type heater
Humidity systemstainless steel, external Isolated humidifier
Blackboard temperatureBimetal thermometer blackboard 55℃~75℃
Water supply

Humidification water supply with automatic control, xenon lamp

cooled by water recycling

Temperature controllerImport controller
humidityIrradiation: 30%~65%RH darkly: up to 90%RH
Cycle systemlow-noise air-conditioning-type motors, multi-leaf-type centrifugal wind wheel
MaterialOutside materialAdvanced spray color plate /SUS304 stainless steel
Inside materialSUS304 stainless steel
Sample holder materialSUS304 stainless steel
insulationHigh and low temperature aging of silicone rubber

a set of radiation-proof glass window, dynamic testing sample shelf 1,

xenon lamp tube 2

ProtectorLeakage, short circuit, over-temperature, water shortages, motor overheating, over-current protection.
PowerAC380V±10% 50±0.5HZ , Three-phase five-wire system
Environmental temperature±5℃~+30℃ ≤85%R·H


Equipment safety protection device:

1. Power overload, short circuit protection
2. ground protection
3. over temperature protection
4. Water shortage protection
5. In order to protect the equipment,All alarm will automatically cut off power supply, and with audible reminder


Operating conditions:

1. Temperature: 15℃~35℃
2. Relative humidity: less than 85%RH
3. Without strong vibration and strong electromagnetic field
4. Without high concentration of dust and corrosive materials in round field
5. No direct sunlight or other sources of heat radiation directly
6. Without a strong airflow around,when need forced air flow around,air should not be blown directly to the body
7. Test cases should be placed stably, level
8. The sides of the test chamber should keep a certain distance, convenient maintenance operation
9. Installation site well ventilated
10. Ground Benign



Detailed Images

Corresponding standard:
GB12831-86 Vulcanized rubber artificial climate (xenon lamp) Aging Test Method

GB/T1644.2-1999Plastics laboratory light exposure test method

GB/T8427-89 textile color fastness test, resistance to artificial light fastness xenon arc

GB/T8430-98 textile color fastness test, resistance to artificial light fastness xenon arc

GB/T1865-97 Paints, varnishes, artificial weather aging and artificial radiation exposure

GB/T16991-97 textile color fastness test

GB/T5137.3-96 simulated climate test method of resistant to radiation, heat, humidity, burning
GB/T16259-96 color building materials, artificial climate accelerated aging test method.

GB/T2423.24-95 Electronic and Electrical Products Environmental Testing Part II: test method, testing

SQSimulation of solar radiation on the ground



Company profile


BOTO GROUP Ltd. is a private enterprise integrating r&d, production, OEM and sales of scientific and technological equipment manufacturing. Proficient in the production, development and upgrading of various non-standard instruments and automatic instruments. The factory covers an area of 26,666 square meters, headquartered in Shanghai, has several offices in China, the factory annual output of about 2000 sets of equipment. Since the establishment of the company, the company is committed to providing customers with quality products and services, and has been praised by customers.



In the domestic market, we have many end customers, third-party testing institutions, research institutes, leading enterprises in different industries, and some agents. For the overseas market, we hope to find more general agents, distributors and importers to cooperate together.




The factory has the ability to calibrate, and the customer can also designate a third party organization to calibrate and issue a calibration report.





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