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Extractor Concentrator Dairy Processing Plant Automatic Industrial Stainless Steel

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Extractor Concentrator Dairy Processing Plant Automatic Industrial Stainless Steel

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Extractor concentrator automatic industrial Stainless Steel Extractor

The products are mainly applicable to the centralized production process of high viscosity industries, traditional Chinese medicine, health care products, natural condiments, food additives, chemical industries, etc.
working principle:
When the equipment is working, liquid materials enter the heating pipe from the bottom of the heater, and the liquid level accounts for about 1/5 to 1/4 of the length of the heating pipe. The steam is heated outside the pipe to make the liquid boil and evaporate rapidly, and the steam rises at a high speed in the pipe. The material is extruded towards the pipe wall, and the secondary steam gradually increases from the bottom of the pipe to the inside of the pipe, so that the material continues to form a film. Under the induction of secondary steam and high vacuum suction of separator, the concentrated material and secondary steam were compared. The high speed enters the separator tangentially. Under the centrifugal force of the separator, the material rotates at a high speed along the peripheral wall and is evenly distributed on the peripheral wall and the cone bottom. The surface area of the material liquid increases, thereby accelerating the further evaporation of water. After the secondary steam and its entrained material droplets are further separated through the mist separator, the secondary steam is introduced into the hydraulic jet pump for condensation. The separated concentrated liquid descends along the circulating pipe, returns to the bottom of the heater, mixes with the newly added material, and then enters the heating pipe for concentration. After a few minutes, the feed concentration can meet the requirements. Part of the concentrated liquid can be continuously drawn out at the bottom of the circulating pipe, and part can be returned to the heater.
Technical parameters:
1. The internal temperature of the evaporator is 55 ~ 65 ℃.
2. Evaporator internal vacuum: -0.08mpa.
3. The equipment is equipped with a central controller, which can linkage control the supporting equipment.
4. All stainless steel, high vacuum, anti accidental impact.
5. Automatic cleaning system is adopted, without manual cleaning of evaporator.
6. Single effect concentration, the effective heating area is greater than 1/3 of that of ordinary heaters.
7. The whole machine is of vacuum pressure reducing scraper structure, equipped with tubular heater and vacuum evaporator.
8. The centrifugal pump is safe and explosion-proof. After the equipment is used, it can automatically clean the equipment and pipelines with acid, alkali and clean water. All stainless steel structural support equipment is easy to clean and maintain.
9. Special vacuum pump: safe explosion-proof, power 7.5kw.
10. The evaporator of the equipment is of cylindrical curved surface structure, and a conical circulating screw pump is added at the bottom. The material is continuously circulated and concentrated in the evaporator. The actual effective evaporation area of forced circulation evaporator is 1/3 larger than that of ordinary evaporator.
11. Vacuum degree of rising film concentrator: -0.05 ~ -0.08mpa, which can ensure high-speed concentration of materials at low temperature.
12. The equipment is compact and covers an area of less than 30 square meters.
13. Heating method: electric heating or steam heating.
14. Equipment structure: the equipment is composed of tubular heater, single effect evaporator, condenser, cooler, material circulation pump, screw pump, water ring vacuum pump, stainless steel operating table and other components. The equipment is equipped with CIP cleaning system.

• Technical parameters:

Evaporation Capacity(kg/h)80110150200280410
Nominal Capacity (L)250500700100015002000
Interlayer Pressure (Mpa)      
Vacuum degree (Mpa)      
Heating Area (m2)
Condensate Area(m2)
Weight of equipment (kg)41562576095017001900
External dimension (mm)1000*1000*23002100*1200*25002200*1400*25002000*1500*27003000*1600*46003600*1900*4000




1. It is widely used in various industries and various liquid materials for evaporation concentration, evaporation crystallization or solvent recovery;
2. Vacuum negative pressure operation, low evaporation temperature, especially suitable for thermal sensitive materials;
3. The mixing device can effectively prevent the material liquid from sticking due to high concentration. High quality mechanical seal is adopted to ensure no air leakage due to high vacuum; The special mixing device for the concentration tank is conducive to accelerating the evaporation speed, improving the concentration ratio, and collecting ointment or crystallization;
4. It is more suitable for pilot production or laboratory use in small batch production enterprises;
5. The equipment can operate under negative pressure or normal pressure, and can also produce intermittently or continuously;
6. It integrates heating, stirring, liquid mixing, atmospheric evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum degassing, condensation recovery and other functions, with strong versatility;


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