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Medical CE Approval Fractional Co2 Laser Machine 635nm for Burnt / Surgery Scars

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Medical CE Approval Fractional Co2 Laser Machine 635nm for Burnt / Surgery Scars

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Product Details

Medical CE Approval Fractional Co2 Laser Machine 635nm for Burnt / Surgery Scars

Model No.:MED-870+




1)  US imported RF Laser Device. 50W power. The highest level in this area.

2) Light guide arm: 7 joint articulated arm with high quality, easily and precisely locating. 

3) Power supply: high quality, high power, super pulse can reach 500HZ/s. 

4) Spot diameter is very short, so the treatment spot is small, which means the wound area is slight and recovers much faster. 

5) The depth and size of every spot is the same. No missing spot in the treatment area. No distortion in shape. 

6) Shooting speed is more than 10m/s, so the thermal damage is slight, bringing much less pain. 

7) Density, depth, and shape, all can be adjusted. It's very convenient. 

8) Multiple scan models: free scan, sequence scan, maximum distance scan. Free scan and maximum distance scan technology will diffuse the heat of adjacent organizations, not leading to a heat buildup, which greatly reduces thermal damage and other complications. 

9) 7 different scan shape, adapt to different customer’s request. 

10) Distance: 0.1mm-2.6mm. The spots are dense, which means result will be much better.


Working Principle:

The co2 laser uses a unique head piece which tracks the CO2 10.6 um wavelength light as it passes light through its optical lens to penetrate the skin. We can control the depth of the penetration from only a few micrometers in depth (only as deep as a few sheets of paper) to much deeper with tiny thermal channels. This will also determine the length of healing, the number of treatments and the cost. Each thermal channel creates a small micro-injury but does not significantly disturb or disrupt the surrounding tissue.


These microscopic injuries caused by the laser (around 15-20% of the treated area) are the beginning of the healing process. By creating thousands of these perforations underneath the skin, your epidermis layer starts to heal from the edge of these microscopic perforations very quickly. By healing so fast it remodels, tightens and stimulates the collagen, your skin tightens, which in turn smooths out lines, and significantly improves your skins tone and complexion.


Before and After:


1) Skin Rejuvenation

2) Acne scars

3) Actenic keratoses

4) Basal cell carcinoma

5) Burn debridement

6) Laser skin resurfacing

7) Eliminating the scar by traumatism or operation

8) Improving texture tone and pore size

9) Erasing unwanted brown spots

10) Smoothening wrinkles around the eyes and mouth

11) Rejuvenating neck, chest and hands etc


The picture of interface and handpiece:


Technical Specifications:

Power Output1-40W
Laser TypeUltraPulse; CW; Fractional
Spot Size0.12mm & 1.25mm (adjustable)
Spot DensityUp to 102400 dot
Scan SizeUp to 20x20mm
Scan ShapesSquare; Rectangle; Circle; Triangle; Rhombus; Ellipse; Line
Beam PatternsStandard; Random; Scatter
Aiming Beam5mW red diode laser, 635nm, adjustable intensity, blink on/off
Beam DeliveryArticulated 7-joint arm with up to 360° rotation
CoolingSelf-contained, closed cycle
Stand-by WorkingContinuously for 18 hours
Display10.4" True Color LCD Touch Screen
Electrical Requirements100-240VAC, 20A max., 50/60Hz
Net Weight52 kgs
Dimensions (WxDxH)52*38*117cm



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