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Auto Digi Tools (AD Tools) Company

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Auto Digi Tools (AD Tools)
We are Auto Digi tools, a small company that started from nothing.
Today, the Auto Digi Tools team is made up of having fun with everything to do with cars and the interests of individuals.
Our team currently consists of 3 members (we don’t count the boss ) who work in the following areas:
Alex: Admin of the Auto Digi tools website, takes care of the website, does customer support and has worked in the area of Online access and registration since 2008. Alex is also responsible for buying and selling. Alex has also been involved in car key programming since 2019. Most of our customers have known him since the beginning. sales@autodigitools.com
Sebastian: The chipper in the AD Tools family. Sebastian, who has been working in the field of chip tuning for 15 years, writes our files himself. He also has the ability to repair engine control units and repairs airbag control units that have saved crash data after an accident. From time to time Sebastian also takes over the support. Info@autodigitools.com
Admin Maik: Maik is an Admin also active in field of speedometer adjustment and chip tuning. Mark sits in the workshop and is busy repairing or programming the speedometers / control units that have been sent.
However, together we form the autodigitools.com team, which forms the hard core.
Short career
We have known each other for years from car meetings, have tuned cars, lowered them and in the end have turned our hobbies into a profession.
One evening we sat together in a relaxed atmosphere and thought about what we could do. As each covered a different area, we teamed up and set up our first company PTSP LTD, based in England.
A little later we merged with 2 other companies and Autodigitools.com was born. This happened in February 2018 and since then we have been working on our service , which we are constantly expanding, as well as on the autodigitools.com website.
In June 2022 Auto Digi tools was brought to Germany and the company closed. PTSP LTD has now become AD Tools, a sole proprietorship based in Berlin.
What has changed?
Nothing has changed for the customer.
We still offer the same support (24/7 via email in German and (UK) English) and are available via phone and chat from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm
We help and support our customers as best we can and still work with the same network of friends and acquaintances spread across Europe (UK & Germany).
Our company philosophy is also very clear: The customer is king.
This is probably also the secret of success that has made Autodigitools.com what it is.
Support / Shipping :
A lot has changed here.
We have only been shipping from Germany since April 2021. England’s exit from the EU has called for reforms in our country, with which we are breaking new ground.
As a result, we no longer have any tax advantages from the procurement of the goods that we can pass on to the customer.
The delivery routes are now shorter and faster if the forwarding agent does not muddy up the package.
Our email support, on the other hand, remains in England.

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Company info

Company Name: Auto Digi Tools (AD Tools) Company
Country: China
Website: http://www.autodigitools.com/