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charge discharge test equipment 512Ch 5V 3A 6A Lithium Battery Analyzer Charge Discharge Capacity Tester

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charge discharge test equipment 512Ch 5V 3A 6A Lithium Battery Analyzer Charge Discharge Capacity Tester

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18650 512 Channel 5V 3A 5A Lithium Battery Analyzer Charge and Discharge Machine Battery Capacity Tester

1.Cylindrical Cell Battery Capacity Analyzer mainly constitute by the computer system and control software, communication interface and battery detecting cabinet. Battery detecting cabinet comprises a fixture and placed the plate body of the fixture, charging, constant current and constant voltage source discharge constant current source, storage control circuit, current sampling circuit, voltage sampling circuit, the main control CPU, data memory, microcontroller programming and control panel.
2. Each battery test station has independent constant current and constant voltage power.
3. Using a unique constant current constant voltage power, constant current to constant voltage switch without impact, especially suitable for lithium ion battery charging and discharging requirements.
4. Per device consists of a set of completely independent MCU control system.
5. Specially used for chemical and capacity separation of cylindrical lopo battery.
Customizable current range: 0-1 mA, 0-10 mA, 0-300 mA, 0-2 A, 0-3 A, 0-5 A, 0-20 A, 0-30 A, etc.
Customizable voltage range: 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 0-20 V, 0-30 V, 0-50 V, 0-60 V, 0-150 V, 0-300 V, 0-500 V, etc.
Technical parameter

Number of device channels512 channels (dual-screen control)
Constant current range0.015~5A, resolution 1mA
Current Measurement Accuracy±0.1%FS
Sampling current accuracy±0.1%FS
Voltage measurement range0~5V, resolution 1mV
Accuracy of voltage measurement±0.1%FS
Charge&discharge voltage rangeCharging: 0~4.5V, Discharging: 4.5~2V (External wiring length cannot exceed 2.5 meters)
Constant voltage setting range3 ~4.5V
Constant pressure setting accuracy±0.1%FS
Time range0~30000 minutes/step, accuracy: ±0.1%
Cooling methodair cooling, upper air
Fixture formFixture
Working environmentTemperature: 0 ~ 40 °C, relative temperature ≤ 85% (no condensation of water vapor)
Dimensions1600mm (length)×550mm (width)×1840mm (high)
Working powerthree-phase four-wire system, AC380V ± 15 %, 50HZ
Full load power consumption≤14KW

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Shenzhen Aitop Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

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70V battery PACK tester charge and discharge aging cabinet 100v charging discharging 


Machine Specification

Input PowerAC 220V ±10% / 50Hz
voltagemeasuring range10~100V
precision±(0.2% of reading + 0.2% of range)
currentCharge range0~10000mA
Charge accuracy±(0.2% of reading + 0.2% of range)
Discharge range0~20000mA (Max discharge power: 1400W)
Discharge precision±(0.2% of reading + 0.2% of range)
chargeConstant voltage cut-off currentMin 10mA
powerdischarge power1400W
timePatrol time<5S
Timer Range0~999hours/step
Data recording interval≥5S
Median machine version1.1 series
chargecharge modeConstant current and constant voltage charging
cut-off conditionVoltage, current, relative time, overcharge protection
dischargedischarge modeconstant-current discharge
cut-off conditionrelative time, voltage, discharge protection
circulateRange of cycle measurement1~999 times
Single cycle step number100
Voltage and current samplingFour wire connection
data baseMy SQL
Host computer communication modeTCP/IP
Data output modeEXCEL,TXT,chart
Number of channels per cabinet7
Case sizeW*D*H:45*30*17(cm)
Cabinet sizeW*D*H:98*60*180(cm)
Explosion-proof warehouse sizeW*D*H:25*60*17(cm)




Functional Features

The charge discharge aging system mainly includes PC software, USB hub, router, aging instrument. The core is aging instrument, aging 32 bit ARM chip was chosen as main control chip, compared to the traditional microcontroller in the execution speed greatly improved, measuring voltage and current accuracy is higher, through the RS232, network transmission data.

1. With constant current and constant voltage charging function

2. With constant current discharge function

3. Fully meet the battery charge and discharge with mouth and separation requirements, that is, 2 lines (P+ P-) and 3 lines (P+ P- C-). At the same time, the CH+ P+ P- can be used to protect the negative plate discharge by aging the positive plate charging protection.

4. By charging and discharging the battery, the charge protection and discharge protection of the battery can be detected.

5. Charge and discharge the battery, record the charge capacity and discharge capacity of the battery.

6. Anti reverse protection function, upper and lower voltage set protection, safety discharge current protection (maximum current 20A);

7. Within 10 machines, through the serial port to connect the PC computer;; more than 10 sets of equipment, you can use the network connection mode. In this way, PC computer only need to provide a network port, you can control less than 254 instruments.

8. Aging instrument software system using the classic mature C/S model

9. Based on the Windows interface, the use of MYSQ database storage test data, and can export curves.

Current: charge range:0-10000mA
discharge range:0-20000mA
Discharge power :below 1400W
Time : Patrol time :under 5s
Timer range :0-999hours /step

Machine scope of application

The finished battery charge and discharge machine can used for test Lithium batteries,polymer batteries,lead-acid batteries ect,we have 30V/70V/100V for options

Shenzhen Aitop Technology Co Ltd , is a manufacturer which combines R&D and marketing ,we have professional R&D team as well as proficient stuff ,and has been specializing in researching and producing high quality lithium battery machine for 10 years . Our main products ranges from 18650 battery pack assembly machine ,Power Battery PACK assembly machines ,Power Bank Assembly machine,Mobile Phone Battery assembly Machines,Battery safety test equipment,Injection molding machine,Molds, Molding materials, machine parts, etc


We keep in place with the word ,we adopt lastest technology and design ,our Aitop series battery machine stands out in the same industry area ,they are of national advanced technologycal level and have been identified by experts from Shenzhen Science & Technology and Information Bureau .Up to now ,we have obtained many inventions patents ,practical new patents ,and own independent intellectual property rights


With the increasing development ,We have created two workshops to manufacture battery machines and injection molding machines

Through our efforts, the Automatic Battery PACK Assembly machines are now widely used in Mobile phone,Power bank,Laptop,Electric bikes,Electric vehicle,solar street lights,Solar energy storage,Banks,LED devices,Health Equipments ect,the low-pressure injection molding machines are now widely used in PCBs, sensor products, wiring harnesses, medical electronic products, etc. In addition, OEM/ODM services can be provided to customers worldwide. Our products enjoy high quality and guarantee all-weather after-sales service, thus winning our 70% market share.we look forward to cooperation with the customers all over the world .




1. "Tailor-made" We go to the customer site to investigate and understand customer needs, tailor-made for customers according to the customer's actual site, equipment, personnel and other aspects, and produce the best design plan;

2. "Multiple choice" we provide you with at least 2 sets of design schemes and provide technical support;

3. "Fully communicate" We provide you with a detailed interpretation of each design plan, and on-site communication with your engineering staff, to conduct a detailed review of the design plan, and get the best design plan.


1. "Project management" We implement the most advanced project management system to ensure that customer needs and approved design plans can be 100% implemented into procurement, production and service;

2. "Progress control" the best time schedule planning; regular progress follow-up; weekly progress review meeting system to ensure that the project is completed on time;

3. "Proactive reporting" We accept on-site inspections from customers at any time, and take the initiative to report project progress to customers once a week;

4. "Continuous improvement" Regarding the various improvement suggestions put forward by customers, we unconditionally improve and implement them on a regular basis to meet customer needs;


1. "Three Guarantees System" We implement a three guarantees system for our products, and the warranty period is 1 year;

2. "Regular return visits" We conduct telephone return visits to customers every month, and take the initiative to provide free maintenance services every six months;

3. "Quick response" arrives at the customer site within four hours within Shenzhen, and arrives at the customer site within one day within Guangdong, and guarantees to solve the problem as quickly as possible;

4. "Continuous improvement" We do not give up every opportunity for improvement. Your valuable opinions are the source of our progress. Continuously meeting and exceeding customer needs is our business purpose;




Packing and shipping

*Be Packed by Wooden Box

*Lead Time: Standard Machine: 7-10 working days

*Customized Machine: 30-35 days




Q: What can your machines do?

A: Make the batteries production automatically.

Save the factory owner’s invest and better the efficiency.


Q: What kind of items can your machines produce?

A: Our machines can be used to produce batteries for How to make phone battery cell ,how to make Power bank battery, Solar battery ,laptops battery ,E-Vehicles battery , E-Bikes battery,E-Tools battery,Mobile phones battery,Energy storage battery ETC


Q: How can I see samples or know more about the machines?

A: We have real time video on Youtube.

Please contact our sales to get the links.


Q: Do you have a MOQ for orders?

A: Customers are free to buy our production line (3-5 machines altogether) or just 1 single machine.

Our factory MOQ is 1 set.


Q: Do you have any warranty or certifications?

A: We provide 12 months warranty for the machine, and life-time after-sales maintenance.

All of our products are with CE certifications and are good to export worldwide.


Q: I am a new factory owner. Can I get some advices about automatic production?

A: You can tell us the ideal turn-over you want for your new factories.

Our professional engineers and sales shall provide you with budget and costs how much it takes.


Looking forward to establish good business relationship with you in the new future,any question.


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